What Does BHCG 7.5 means for Female with no pregnancy and no menstrual period?

The well-known scientific fact is that the pregnancy hormone is used medically to detect the presence of tumors in the uterus, as these tumors simulate the presence of pregnancy and provoke the secretion of the beta hormone, but in very small quantities.
But even if these tumors secrete a small amount of the pregnancy hormone, it can be used to infer the presence of abnormal growth inside, which requires x-rays and hysteroscopy.

Also, the beta hormone of pregnancy is secreted from the testicular cells of the man in an insignificant amount, but it can be measured in the laboratory, and it can also be used in the diagnosis of tumors of the testicular cells that produce sperm.

an image sent by a follower on Facebook shows mild elevated BHCG test in non-pregnant woman

Normal BHCG Range for Non-Pregnant woman and for men:

  • Female Premenopausal stage: Less than 5.30 mIU/mL
  • Female Postmenopausal stage: Less than 8.3 mIU/mL
  • Male: Less than 2.6 mIU/mL

What does the BHCG normal range mean?

It is a range consisting of a higher level and a lower level, which must show all the numbers between them that are a normal level that does not express disease.
This also means that any laboratory result of the beta hormone that crosses these health barriers will be interpreted as having been caused by a disease.

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Tumors of the ovaries and testicles are the most common among the tumors that cause an increase in the level of the beta hormone. However, any tumor that reaches the stage of spreading throughout the body can use the beta hormone to feed the tumor with blood, and that is what causes the emergence of a high digital and quantitative pregnancy result in blood even though the patient is a non-pregnant female or he is originally a male who cannot and will not become pregnant.

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