Q:Is there such a PSA zero?

Answer: The normal range for total PSA is 1 to 1.5, and any value below total PSA 4 ng/mL of blood is considered normal according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), therefore as low the PSA reading below 4.0 the healthier prostate gland and the lower the prostate cancer risk.

but lower than the lowest normal limit of reference range for total PSA (1.0) is uncommon and doesn’t associated with any known disease and doesn’t belong to any familiar medical condition at the moment of writing this explanation.

Recommendation: enjoy with your life your prostate is good, however if you feel pain in the anus or painful or bloody urination you must get examined carefully to make sure there’re nothing bad.

PSA 7.1 Man 62 with Normal MRI, Do I need Free PSA?

Q: PSA 7.1 Man 62 with Normal MRI, Do I need Free PSA?

Full Question: I had a PSA test, 7.1 was the result. I had an MRI screening. The result was I had No cancer. The consultant said they would only consider a biopsy if my PSA was over 10.35. This was in the UK. I’m 62.

Answer: you must follow-up every 3 months at most to notice any increasing in PSA results, also I can recommend FREE-PSA-RATIO for you to make the biopsy decision. Have a good day Tony

It’s of good to know that by doing the Free-PSA test we can calculate the Free PSA percentage or ratio. The more Free PSA percentage is likely to be prostate inflammation (e.g. BPH), but lesser than 25% Free PSA is likely to be prostate cancer and must do biopsy by needle or by surgery. A biopsy is taking sample from the prostate tissue and examined that tissue to see if there is normal cells but enlarged in the sizes in BPH or the cells of prostate are abnormally grown up and become cancerous.

PSA 7.1 Man 62 with Normal MRI, Do I need Free PSA?

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Q: What Does BHCG less than 5 (<5) means?

BHCG is a short code for Beta-sub-unit Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, the hormone responsible for development of the fetus, and its concentrations are used to investigate how many weeks of pregnancy yet?

If the result is less than 5 it means the test is negative and no pregnancy.
If the BHCG result is any number between 5 and 20, it means borderline and should be retested within 2-3 days to ensure it will increase or drop.
If the BHCG level become 20 and above it considered pregnancy and must retest BHCG test after 48-72 hours to make sure the hormone continue to double every other day which means viable healthy pregnancy.

Q: Why Hemoglobin, Platelets, and White blood cells are all increased?

Q: Why Hemoglobin, Platelets, and White blood cells are all increased?

Question body: Hi, these are my mates blood test results, THEY have been slowly rising over the last few months. Any ideas what it could be?
Lymphocytes 4.3 high
Haemoglobin 159 high
White cells 14.9 high
Platelets 559 high
Mcv 105 high
Mch 36.9 high
Mchc 353 high
Neutrophils 8.3 high
Monocytes 1.1 high

There are some possibilities; one of them is the Polycythemia, which characterized by increase in population of RBCs, some WBC, and PLT in CBC test results, Venesection is one treatment option.
Another possibility is the excessive RBC making (erythrocytosis) which makes your blood thicker than it should be, and it could increase your risk for blood clots. early investigation and diagnosis can eliminate the risks.