always fatigue with high tsh and high TG

Q: high triglycerides but high HDL at the same time, High TSH, Normal T4, I am always tired please explain?

Question: So I went to the doctor because I am always tired. These results came back. What’s weird is that it seems like I have high triglycerides but high HDL at the same time.
Most importantly it seems like something is off with my thyroid because my TSH came back high however my T4 levels are fine.
I would love to know your thoughts here guys.

always fatigue with high tsh and high TG


You should know that some medical tests are not necessarily related to each other.
Fatigue and stress always have several reasons, including, for example:
Most diseases affect the body through physical exhaustion, such as the flu.

If the percentage of fat in the blood (cholesterols and triglycerides) increases, it will be deposited in the blood vessels and cause difficulty in transporting oxygen and food to the tissues of the body, which exhausts the muscles and the body in general.

High TSH may cause thyroid hormones to appear lower than normal, which also causes general lethargy throughout the day and a tendency to drowsiness sometimes.

causing the climb in psa numbers

Q: Rising PSA test Levels Without Symptoms and Normal Biopsy, What causing the climb in numbers?

My fiancé’s last results over a span of 3 years (maybe a little longer) have gone from 2 to 8. He’s had a ultrasound and a biopsy and both were negative. He doesn’t have any symptoms. He’s 52.

His Dr. is recommending the more invasive biopsy and told him if it’s cancer then he’d have to have his prostate removed. Aren’t there treatments to try before something that drastic?

Could something else be causing the climb in numbers?

causing the climb in psa numbers

Q:Confused on my labs FPSA 0.8

Here is what my numbers say and I’m lost.

Age 43 btw




Then is says FPSA Free %

So not sure what that means and I have a week before I go back? Nothing showed up off 6 months ago. But now I don’t know any of this.


Q: 69 years old PSA Total 4.41, PSA FREE 0.99 and Relation PSA FREE/TOTAL 22%, I have an enlarged prostate, am I concerned?

Question: Hi, I am 69 years old. I made a PSA test yesterday. The values are the following: PSA Total 4.41, PSA FREE 0.99 and Relation PSA FREE/TOTAL 22%.
Question: I am concerned because of the value is higher than 4 and I do not understand the value 22%. I have an enlarged prostate. Thanks in advance.


By taking into account the TPSA, FPSA, PSA Ratio, Age, rectal enlargement, we can deduce the High Grade Prostate Cancer Risk which about 2.7% and Prostate Cancer Risk is about 6.7%.

prostatitis is the most common reason for enlarged prostate other than the cancer, other benign reasons including acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, and chronic prostatitis.

prostate  cancer risk 2.7
Did you know what is Free PSA?