does hcg in blood confirm pregnancy test?

Does hCG test confirm pregnancy?

The short answer is Yes, hCG blood tests are used for confirming the results of “at home urine pregnancy tests”, and there’re many reasons why urine pregnancy tests may fail to present accurate pregnancy detection.

Why Pregnancy test in urine are not accurate for detection of pregnancy?

In fact, hcg hormone, the principal pregnancy hormone are secreted within a week after successful inoculation, therefore it can be detected in hcg blood tests within a week of pregnancy while it takes another week to increase in amount to the level it can be detected in urine pregnancy tests.
Thus, using pregnancy home tests to detect hcg hormone in urine is accurate and sensitive but it’s not specific enough to detect only hcg but could be prune to interference of other biochemicals in the urine as well as if the woman has urinary tract infection it can show false positive (faint purple line) in the urine pregnancy test.

Do you need hcg blood test to confirm positive pregnancy test in urine?

Yes, you must confirm positive urine pregnancy test if the second line is faint and not clearly colored blue or purple, that’s because the faint test line in the pregnancy strip could be a sign of very early pregnancy detection or can be a sign of interference. in other words you must get two distinctive lines n the pregnancy strip to make sure it’s real pregnancy.

While at home pregnancy tests uses urine samples which is non-invasive and cheaper than blood test, but in some cases, the urine pregnancy tests give false or unclear results for many reasons, therefore, you must get tested in blood for hcg pregnancy test to confirm the finding in the already done urine test.

Q: Can prostatitis misunderstood as soft lesion |do we need to go for biopsy?

Question: My dad’s age is 75 |after getting severe uti PSA total was 41| after 4 weeks it came down 10.85| we did mri. It was pirads 3| can prostatitis misunderstood as soft lesion |do we need to go for biopsy?? My dad has moderate enlarged prostate but no issue in urinating. Takes several blood pressure medicine.

Priad3 in MRI is a moderate score which means equivocal likelihood for prostate cancer.
Thus Pirad3 lesions can be seen with cancer (<5%) and benign prostatitis (>90%) as well.
UTI usually causes the PSA to temporarily elevate and can be corrected with antibiotics, in this case the PSA went down but still in the grey zone which means moderate risk of prostate cancer.
Any risk degree for prostate cancer must be checked, free PSA % and DRE are helpful tools especially if MRI imaging isn’t clear like this.

Short-term follow-up imaging is advised for these patients, less than 6 months.
Do biopsy if PSA free% is lower than 25%, Positive DRE, with PIRAD3 MRI.
Treatment and management must be done with expert doctor in such cases.

a lab report showing the conclusion of results "satisfactory".

Q: What Does word “Satisfactory” results mean?

Hi what does mean that’s

a lab report showing the conclusion of results "satisfactory".

When your results screen type “satisfactory”, then it’s simply means you have no bad findings and your results is just fine and you should not worry about harm or bad issues in your lab test results.
But, this is for the already done tests, while other tests you don’t take we still don’t know what they are yet.
Also, this doesn’t mean that your health is perfect as this flag is for the current test result.

It’s one of the terms used in the lab reports to help people simply know what the conclusio of there results, similar like using “A” letter before or after the final result values, read more about flags and alarms on test results.

show these results: ANA is Negative ESR is mildly elevated CRP is mildly elevated

For 8 years my GP said I have fibromyalgia but is now swaying towards RA she said some results indicate yes some no ?

The full question:
Can anyone please help me with these results?? For 8 years my gp said I have fibromyalgia but is now swaying towards RA she said some results indicate yes some no ?? I’ve no idea what they mean but I’ve so much pain everyday

Hello, Cheryl. Your reports show these results:
ANA is Negative
ESR is mildly elevated
CRP is mildly elevated

ANA is not specific for a disease but can be used as a screening marker for many autoimmune disease, however we can’t depend on ANA solely to diagnose such diseases because it can be negative in the same time the patient suffering from whole body’ pain.
Thus Negative ANA doesn’t exclude that you carrying autoimmune disease.
ESR and CRP tell how extensive the inflammation you have but also they can’t indicate a specific disease, rather they are mildly increased while in most autoimmune disease show markedly elevated (i.e. ESR 100).

I can tell that nowadays there’s an accurate test called “The FM/a Test” that’s 99% accurate for Fibromyalgia which eliminate the confusion.
Also, There’s a more accurate and specific test for Rheumatoid Arthritis called “Anti-CCP antibodies“.