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what is LH/FSH ratio?, does it mean I ovulate or not?

I got my hormonal profile checked/tested through blood work because I have random menstruation, cycles always differ from one another and a random months without a period.
My results at CD3 (progesterone induced period) were:
LH: 12.48 mUI/ml
FSH: 7.71 mUI/ml

What is my LH/FSH ratio? Are the levels ok? and with these levels, does it mean I ovulate or not? Does the ratio mean I ovulate or does it indicate anovulation more likely?

ALT 34 ALP 113

Q: ALT 34 ALP 113 is this bad or good?

Question: ALT is 34 U/L, ALP is 113 U/L
Is this good?


Since the normal ALT, a liver enzyme, is up to 31 U/L, your number is slightly elevated, ALP, the alkaline phosphatase enzyme for biliary canals, is normal if up to 100 U/L, therefore your 113 is mild elevated.

To conclude, your results have mild elevated ALT enzyme and ALP enzyme which suggest a inflammation of the liver.


Retest liver enzymes and ALP a week later to make sure that results goes higher to be clearly indicative, or go down to be certainly normal.

In the while, taking some minerals and immunity-boosters supplements is a good hint to allow the body proteins to stabilize.

ALT 34 ALP 113

No idea what’s causing my symptoms.

Female, aged 40

Upper abdominal pain, tenderness & swelling, mid back pain, protruding, very painful lower ribs, tachycardia for 2 years, then a brief episode of extreme chest pain, now the tachycardia has gone, heat intolerance, sudden overheating, but actually a very low body temperature, excessive sweating of the neck, flushing, painful knees & hips, headaches, acid reflux, very low hrv, bouts of afib with borderline bradycardia, yellow floaters in vision, recurrent uti’s & kidney stones, numbness & tingling in fingers & upper arms, clicking wrists, palpitations, chest pains, such heavy & constant periods that I was put on continuous birth control 6 years ago.

massively vitamin d deficient, and previously anaemic, now on folic acid & ferrous fumerate

Q: What does PDW 54% mean?

Answer: the PDW is a short form for the medical term “Platelet Distribution Width”, a lab index for measuring if the platelets are formed in the same size or they are different and show variation, the normal percentile of PDW is between 25% and 65%, any percentage inside these two limits is considered healthy platelet distribution.

If PDW is normal it’s not necessarily the whole platelets are normal neither in count nor shape (morphology) because both are different indices. Interpretation of the blood test results must be based on the whole screening results not on a single index.

Other platelet indices that measure the variability of count and shape include: platelet normal levels, meaning of PLT shortcut, high platelets high WBC

Also, normal PDW% will not show any sign like “H” or “L” beside the result.

The goal of PDW% estimation is to know if their is any disease that cause interruption on platelet normal sizes which including thrombosis and cancers.

Also, any normal PDW reading does not necessarily mean that all platelets are of the same size, in other words, it means that the PDW is not an optimal index that has sharp saying, instead, PDW% percentages present relative reading or average of the whole sizes of platelets in the sample given.