High ESR Blood Test Results (Elevated RBC Sed Rate Levels)

What is sed rate?
Sed rate is a short form for Erythrocyte sedimentation rate and abbreviated to ESR Test too.
Sedimentation rate blood test is measured by letting an amount of blood to separated and settled to the bottom of a tube in a certain amount of time, so that the RBC sed rate is the volume of Red blood Cells precipitated in an hour time.

What is sed rate used for?
Why my doctor want me to take ESR blood test?
The main purpose to measure the rate of RBC sedimentation is to monitor the inflammation progress, Inflammation means normally increased body defense due to existence of injury or casual agent such as the trauma, post surgery, infection by bacteria or worms, and allergic reaction in response to immunological reasons as in Systemic Lupus Erythromatosus and Rheumatoid Fever or Non immunological causes as acquired allergies by drugs.
Such Inflammatory response triggers the body proteins and cells in so called “Exudate”, RBC become heavy and ill due to high weight blood content.
ESR usually important component of general medical checkup
ESR and C-Reactive Protein are tests used both as bio-markers of inflammation to improve diagnostic sensitivity and specificity

We can conclude why doctor choose ESR to diagnose diseases?
To clarify what causes the symptoms such as in whooping cough or pertussis.
To confirm or verify previous diagnosis of a disease such as TB.
To screen people of a high risk for a specific disease like aged people
To preliminary diagnosis such Arthritis, temporal arthritis, systemic vasculitis, and polymyalgia rheumatica.
To indicate the severity of a disease such in Sore throat and tonsillitis
To state the progression of a disease
To decide the effectiveness of a treatment especially with antibiotics

Sedimentation normal rates are:
Sed rate values is higher in women than men and more higher in older people than younger.
When Eryth. Sed. Rate exceeds predefined normal value we report that ESR is High.

Sedimentation rate Normal levels in general,
Men 0–15 millimeters per hour (mm/hr), or 0–20 mm/hourr for men older than 50
Women 0–20 mm/hr, or 0–30 mm/hr for women older than 50
Children 0–10 mm/hour
Neonatal to puberty: 3 to 13 mm/h, but other laboratories place an upper limit of 20
Newborns 0–2 mm/first hour
You can comment with your results to explain it for you.

What is sed rate westergren blood test or westerngren ESR?
A diagnostic technique used in blood measurement of Blood Sed rate.
Sed rate by modified westergren method is:
Certain long tube called westergren tube
An amount of anticoagulant usually Citrate is placed into tube.
Equivalent amount of fresh blood is mixed with anticoagulant and covered.
The tube is hanged vertically perpendicular to the ground
Record Precipitated volume every hour.Stages in erythrocyte sedimentation:
There are 3 stages in erythrocyte sedimentation 1) Stage 1 : Rouleaux formation – First 10 minutes 2) Stage 2 : Stage of sedimentation or settling – 40 mins 3) Stage 3 : Stage of packing – 10 minutes, sedimentation slows and cells start to pack at the bottom of the tube

The Westergren method is the most sensitive of the sedimentation rate methods because of the longer tube, but it requires more blood.

The Wintrobe method requires a smaller amount of blood and involves no dilution. In addition, once the ESR has been read, the Wintrobe tube can be centrifuged to obtain a macrohematocrit, and blood films can be made from the buffy coat. However, because of the shorter column of blood, the Wintrobe methods is not as sensitive as the Westergren.

WINTROBE ESR Method Normal Values
0 – 7 mm/hr
0 – 15 mm/hr

WESTERGREN ESR Method Normal Levels
Less than age 50 yrs
Male 0 – 10 mm/hr
Female 0 – 20 mm/hr
Children 4 – 14 yrs 0 – 20 mm/hr
Greater than 50 yrs age
Male 0 – 20 mm/hr
Female 0 – 30 mm/hr

Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate blood test results Explained

What does ESR test results means?
We are welcome to explain your results for free through comments, Fb & G+ pages, or Privately.

1- Causes of ESR greater than 100 mm/1st Hour
Autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, or inflammation of the thyroid gland (Graves’ disease).
Diseases caused by attack of autoantibodies to the body’s cells are called immunological auomimmuonolgical disorders, in such diseases the body antibodies attack the body cells and proteins instead of attacking foreign substances, many organs affected and the body become very ill which impact on health of Red blood cells, thus sed rate of Red cells become very high, usually ESR is over 100 mm after the first hour.
Other tests: WBC less than 4.0 *10^9 cells
RF is Positive in RA patients
LE cells test is Positive in SLE Patients.
Positive Autoantibodies Anti-dsDNA and antinuclear antibody test (ANA), over 1.0 in cut-off reports
Ani-TSH Positive test in grave’s disease.
Arthritis due to gout show Uric Acid test over than 6.0 mg/dl
Hb% may be lower than 8.0 mg/dl due to chronic inflammation Anemia.

Cancer, such as lymphoma or multiple myeloma.
Lymphoma are kind of cancers affect lymphatic tissue and caused by viruses as Epstein-bar virus or HIV and cause signs like painless enlargement of lymph nodes, in addition to feeling tired with fevers, night sweats, itchiness, and weight loss.
Multiple Myeloma or Kahler’s disease is sub-kind of lymphomas in which some kind of defensive blood cells called plasma cells become cancerous and abnormally proliferate and accumulate in bone marrow and other marrows. Plasma cells contain and produce Bence Jones proteins in excessive amounts causing inflammation of kidney, however those cells are helpful in normal levels.
Elevated ESR in malignancies is a result of excessive protein content in patient’s blood fluid.
ESR blood test usually over 100 mm after first hour however High ESR extends as the cancer persists.
Other testing results: FBC show WBC over 50.000 cells or over 500.000 cells mostly lymphocytes (normal 4 – 11 *10^9 cell/mL)
Urine Bence Jones protein test is Positive in multiple myeloma disease exclusively.
Low Hb% due to Anemia.

2-Causes of moderate high ESR results
Chronic kidney disease.
Why Sed rate increases in kidney diseases? the reasons may be due to inflammation of kidney units called Nephrons which is the the responsible organs in kidney functioning, Loss of Nephrons function leads to kidney failure to filtrating the blood of toxins and thus accumulate in the blood and cause blood cells to overburden, and this is enough to become very high blood sedimentation speed.
ESR is 50 – 75 mm/1st hour in adults, over 100 in late stages.
Other testing results:

Urea over 50 unit
Creatinine is 1.5 – 10.0 mg/dlInflammatory diseases due to Bacterial infection of Kidney, bone, joint, skin, or heart valve infections, such as pneumonia, pelvic inflammatory disease, or appendicitis.

As explained, the inflammation products cause high weight blood flow.
ESR is moderately elevated usually 15 – 40 mm/ first hour, 25 – 80 after second hour.
Other test results:CRP titres more than 12.0 mg/dl and up to 48.0 mg/dl in 24 hours
FBC show abnormal white blood cells morphology and count as well as mild anemia.Pregnancy and preeclampsia (toxemia of pregnancy).
Pregnancy is normal increase in body processes due to gestation, the matter which cause high loaded blood flow with nutrients for he fetus, causing temporarily increased sed rate, However toxemia of pregnancy caused by infiltration of fetus proteins into mother’s blood stream, which do the same role in overloading blood fluid.
ESR blood test is mild/moderate high, first hour sed rate between 20 – 40 mm.
Anemia, Hb% lower than 9.0 in such cases due to iron deficiency during pregnancy.

Other causes of high esr count
Viral infections.
Inflammation of joints (such as polymyalgia rheumatica) and blood vessels (such as giant cell arteritis).

3- Causes of low ESR values
Values of ESR between 0 – 10 and 20 mm
Sed rate are in normal ranges in certain diseases such as:
High blood sugar levels.
Sickle cell disease.
Severe liver disease.
Congestive Heart failure

Sed rate False Positive Negative Results

Please read carefully the factors and requirements to understand why ESR results may be not correct.
Best time to take ESR test is during he day, Fasting before esr test is preferred about 4 – 6 hours for those not suffering from clear complains.
Test must be set 1 hour after collection or up to 6 hours if sample refrigerated.
Read Results every 60 minutes, any delay will alter the results.

The ESR is affected by a number of mechanical and technical factors.
Anticoagulant is EDTA or Sodium Citrate (blue-top tube), other anticoagulants cause shrinkage to RBC
Tube perpendicular to surface, any Horizontal degrees will accelerate Sedimentation and end up to false high esr.
Some Newer Westergren tubes have a cotton plug in the “zero” end which prevent leakage of blood from the open end of the tube.
Because the red cell shape affects the rate of fall of the cells, it should be apparent that sickle cells and spherocytes will result in a potential falsely decreased ESR. Other conditions that result in poikilocytosis (variation in the shape of the red cells) will produce similar results.
There is considerable dispute about the effect of severe anemia on the ESR. Some laboratories correct the ESR in cases of severe anemia.

If you have abnormal results we are happy to help interpret your results for free, in comments or through my page on Facebook and Google plus.

If you have a question about your test results> Enter the answers board: http://answers.bloodtestsresults.com

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112 Responses

  1. My see rate is 38. What does that mean for me?

  2. Scientist says:

    +Tiffany Rodgers
    could be due to bacterial infection such as strep throat
    or other inflammation as in Arthritis

  3. Anonymous says:

    My mother had her eye swollen, and afterwards the swollenness is over the eye is of slightly small size. And she also got small moles on her forehead which later turned black, and have disappeared now. She got her blood test done, and got the reading of ESR at 100. Then again she got her test done, and the reading has reduced to 60. What you suggest?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'm a 20 yr old female and i got 26 what does that mean?

  5. SedRate of 26 can not be taken alone as a biomarker, ESR value is better used for following up treatment.

  6. MEH says:

    Got some blood tests back today.
    C-Reactive Protein is 27.1, says it should be <9.0
    Sedimentation Rate-Westergen 39 and should be <20

  7. Srivera says:

    I've had this test done several times because of many symptoms I've been having at first it was 17 I know nothing to worry about then 3 months later 29 then 3 mo the after that 75 then 3 months later it's back down to 29. What is the world is going on withere me please

    • peopl says:

      chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme and gulf war disease might be caused by an infection maybe? Ive heard people say this, infection with bacteria without a cell wall

  8. @Srivera
    Normally, Sed rate peaks/declines through the inflammation/therapy episodes.
    That's why ESR test is used for following up.

  9. @MEH
    Viral/bacterial infections can cause such moderate ESR elevation, high CRP level along with ESR may exclude a heart disease, and go forward to diagnosing a microbial infection.

  10. Marlene says:

    I am 54, my we'd rate is 32. My cholesterol is 6.5. My sodium 135 and my sugar is 6.1. I also take furosemide 80 mg because I have fluid buildup. What do you suggest?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do some people not get elevated SED rate even if have severe infections? I had gangreous appendix a few years back with normal SED rate. Recently, have visible (hot and swollen) joints, but SED normal, so doctor just said that "I can't have inflammation)

  12. Boyfriend had a catheter in for surgery, removed in less than two days, He had emergency brain surgery for abcess, on numerous ivs. After removal of cath.two days later alot of blood at end of voiding. this an a urinalysis test was done only once. They said it was because of folley cath. he is bleeding.
    mponent RBC, URINE HPF
    Standard Range 0 – 3 /HPF
    Your Value >50
    Standard Range None /HPF
    Your Value None
    Standard Range None /HPF
    Your Value Few

  13. mponent RBC, URINE HPF
    Standard Range 0 – 3 /HPF
    Your Value >50
    Standard Range None /HPF
    Your Value None
    Standard Range None /HPF
    Your Value Few
    Catheter removed only in two days
    alot of blood two days later after voiding on various IVs cause of surgery and antibiotics for brain abcess that was removed. Urinalisis and test above only two test s done one urine once
    and diagnosis was bleeding due to cath. Please tell me what you think I should be asking them.

  14. Boyfriend had a catheter in for surgery, removed in less than two days, He had emergency brain surgery for abcess, on numerous ivs. After removal of cath.two days later alot of blood at end of voiding. this an a urinalysis test was done only once. They said it was because of folley cath. he is bleeding.
    mponent RBC, URINE HPF
    Standard Range 0 – 3 /HPF
    Your Value >50
    Standard Range None /HPF
    Your Value None
    Standard Range None /HPF
    Your Value Few

  15. Unknown says:

    Hi , my sister is 30 years old, and recently had a blood test for check up , could esr:40 relate to her mild decrease of Hb:11 and Rbc:4.2 ? She has no sings and symptoms and no recent infections (normal wbc). Should I worry? Or should she do any other investigations ?

  16. 1-While Total WBC count is normal, the differential leukocytes count may contain high neutrophils and/or high monocytes, which considered a marker of infection.
    2-For more about anemia causes please visit: http://www.bloodtestsresults.com/2013/07/What-does-low-hemoglobin-levels-means-in-a-blood-picture-test.html

  17. Since, no bacteria or pus cells appear in the urinalysis report, I can confirm that it "was bleeding due to catheter".
    Antiseptics is the first choice.

  18. 1-Sed rate are in normal ranges in certain diseases such as:
    High blood sugar levels.
    Sickle cell disease.
    Severe liver disease.
    Congestive Heart failure

    2-You may have to find a good correlation between laboratory results and Uls screening.
    3-Total leukocytic count is the main blood test for diagnosing appendicitis along with physical examination.

  19. 1-glucose level is acceptable
    2-high cholesterol level 6.5, red blood cells are going to be heavy which is a very strong reason of high sedimentation rate.

  20. Imran says:

    My mother’s report shows higher ESR(Westgren).It’s 77.The rest of the things are good.Though she had to face 2 operation and still she will face another.Please somebody help me.

    • admin says:

      ESR 77 is high due to high level inflammation somewhere in the body, however it’s not a marker of any disease alone, let me know if you have any additional questions..

  21. Kmoy says:

    I had osteomyelitis from 2011 but was treated in 2015. I had a crp test done recently n it was positive, a crp quantitative which was out of range by 2.6 n my ESR out of range at 44. Can someone say what could be the problem

  22. Anonymous says:

    14 yr old daughter sed rate > 60 should we be concerned? Full body pain complaints. Cmet all normal CBC, Tsh and free t4 within normal range.

    • admin says:

      ESR more than 60 in a young girl could be a result of different scenarios, the most suggested thing is due to adolescence sequences.

  23. saba says:

    My reports shown ESR 33 and positive ANA. Is there any serious problem? I am also RO positive.

    • admin says:

      Positive RA and Positive ANA along with Positive Anti-CCP test and prolonged joint pain confirm the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, however ESR level is below the expected value for RA patients,

  24. wind111 says:

    hello , i m female 32 years old caucasian . my esr is 38.0 mm/h, crp 1.6mg/l,hct 39.5%,wbc:49 /42/8//1 (neutro/lympho/mono/eosin). one month ago my results were similar. should i need to worry about sth important?in general my other lab tests are normal , just my esr the last 1,5 month is above normal range ( 34-26-38). thank you in advance.

  25. ERIC says:

    hi i have been diagnosed with reactive arthritis. im male 32yo. last Nov 15 my ESR result was quite high 89h, then a month ago i did another test, the result is 54h which is a good sign. Just recently, I did another ESR test. I was confused with the result because I thought it is already in the normal level. My New ESR test (westergren method) is 13 mm/hr. but the legend says still high. The Normal range is 00-10.00. Is my ESR rate improving? What is the equivalent number for this using the normal esr rate. Thank you in advance.

    • According to my experience as a medical Lab Scientist:
      I’ve seen many cases with arthritis exhibit variable ESR levels that’s may be due to:
      1-Reactive arthritis/reiter’s syndrome signs and symptoms come and go with the time which affect the blood markers as ESR.
      2-Reactive arthritis is a secondary diseases due to infection in one or more organs, thus we can understand why there’re variations in ESR values.
      3-RA eventually disappearing within 12 months.
      thank for your question.

  26. jaroma says:

    Hi, I’m a 33 yr old fairly active Hispanic female and my C-Reactive Protein is 1.5 (normal I think), but my
    Sedimentation Rat is 2 mm/hr which is really low right? Should I be concerned??

    • Normal CRP and Normal Esr results refer to normal body status against inflammation of any type, however some diseases usually found with normal crp and ESR, a full body checkup is recommended every 6 months to avoid any sudden disease.

  27. alfred says:

    Do esr values mean a cancer?

  28. Irmakhan says:

    I’m a 24 yr old female. My Sedrate is 37
    I have pco in both ovaries, and i have lots of pain in my left abdominal, migrain or headache since 2 month continous, pain im my bones and i do get cyst time to time. M on diane 31 treatment for 1 year , its been 4 month m taking that pill. My serum insulin is 15.60, glucose fasting 97 and uric acid 4.04 and i m alse having high bp like 140 90
    And its been more than two year m trying to no whats my problem but still not satisfied
    Kindly guide me through

  29. Irmakhan says:


    And i have also been diagnosed of haital hernia and gallbladder stone which is fine now.
    Some doc says i have uti. Some says i have endometriosis and further on.

  30. phanik1639@gmail.com says:

    My Daughter ESR is 100 cost is effecting but ESR is not getting down since 2 weeks is this take a long break. Asthiline and livoline are been giving with Nebulizer please suggest a good medicine as she is suffering a lot… please suggest

    • Salbair I is having levosalbutamol and ipratropium.
      ESR above 100 is a marker of chronic inflammation, confirmed by other blood tests.

      Detailed Answer:
      Hello dear, thanks for your question on BTREX.
      Asthalin is having salbutamol which is short acting beta 2 agonist (SABA).
      Salbair I is having combination of levosalbutamol and ipratropium. It is better then asthalin.
      It is having more bronchodilatation action due to additional ipratropium.
      So no need to worry, salbair I is good drug.

      The child must be seen by a doctor for proper diagnosis – which is essential for proper treatment…
      Is this a cough? which is a symptom of other disease??
      You are presuming as Asthma and treating by yourself!?

      Levolin and asthalin are the same! The dose and frequency should be explained by the child specialist – they may be given ‘back to back’ at times…
      Steroids are generally given twice –
      There are other drugs too
      See the Pulmonologist or Paediatrician…

      God bless
      Good luck
      Wishing speedy recovery
      Wishing good health to your daughter.

  31. path87 says:

    Hi, I’m 29 and I have recently had an ESR of 57 and CRP of 3.16. ANA and Rheumathoid Factor were both negative. I’ve also had increasingly elevated WBC’s but they haven’t checked lately. Last time was a few months ago and it was about a 13. I usually run about a 9. It’s been steadily increasing but no known reason why. Also, they found blood in my urine about 6 months ago because I had flank pain. They did a UA and found moderate blood and it’s been showing up on repeat UA’s since then. A CT showed no masses or kidney stones. However the flank pain went away after a few weeks of meloxicam (an anti inflammatory). What worries me is the recent ESR and CRP results.. I can’t get in with a doctor anytime soon and I was referred to a rheumatologist but I’m not sure why if my rheumatoid factor was negative. Any help understanding these values would be great! The nurse wasn’t very helpful over the phone.. She just told me my ESR and CRP were elevated and I was being referred to a rheumatologist. When I asked more questions she said the doctor could answer them. Nice.. Thank you in advance for your time and help!

  32. Tammy Gianforte says:

    My sed rate is 50 and my CRP is 32.2 was wondering if you could tell me what this means

  33. kess says:

    Pls explain I am a male.my ESR is 25mm/hr,WBC 4800,lymphocytes 50, hb15.2. I am 39 yes old.

  34. Debbie Brown says:

    my 3 year old has ESR 40 and CRP 245 last test was done to ESR 26 and CRP 22 what does this all mean she will have an endoscopy if the next blood test is high again .

  35. Jatin Rajput says:

    Hi… my Mother age is near about 50 and her ESR 28 plz suggest me solution…

  36. whitney says:

    Hi im not sure what it means but i have mesenteric adenitis and they almost took my appendix but gave me antibiotics its been a month im still running fever i had bloodwork my wbc was high then it went back normal only for my neutrophils low and platelets my thyroid is normally low and it went high went back for more bloodwork my stuff went back to normal but my sed rate was low and now all normal but still minor fever mu doctor blew me off with depression please anyhelp would be awesome

  37. MJ says:

    ESR result shows 8mm which is 3mm higher than normal according to the lab range and I hv been lately diagnosed with borderline LVH …and I don’t have any other problems so what could be the reason for high ESR ? Is it something serious ?

  38. Pinky says:

    My husband age is 32 his esr is 58 mm in 1 hr.doctor told him to admit is it dangerous. He was having side pai2 from 10 days and fever for 2 days. Hence made this test please guide me further

  39. Tanya says:

    My ESR is 37 in December it was 21, I am 44 and have been diagnosed for hasimoto diseases several years ago. I have pIn in my back and neck. Wondering is I should be worried

  40. Nessie says:

    I learned today my esr was raised to 120. But they cant fnd the infection?
    They have ruled out gyny problems and my urine was fine but I have acute pain in my lower front right side….. any thoughts?

  41. Edlundmar says:

    I have elevated ESR of 65 with very high WBCs accompanied by fever, chills, and a brownish phlegm I am coughing up. Any ideas what could be wrong??? Dr is having a hard time with diagnosis but will be having ct scan

    • High ESR with High WBC count accompanied by symptoms of infection, you’re suffering from acute bacterial infection, CT scan and Blood culture is urgently needed, hope you take good care of yourself.

  42. sbiswal says:

    Hi I am 25 yr. male. I was supposed to have a lipo surgery. But I find Neutrophills-9.5, TLC(Whole blodd)-14.3 thousand/mm3 and ESR-31.. Dont know if I habve any infection. Can anyone tell me something about my problem

  43. sachin katiyar says:

    my age is 22 . my ESR IS 53 , CRP IS 5.64 & Lymphocytes IS 11.30 (20-40).PLZ , what is the significance of this??
    i have a some major problem?? becoz i have some pain in the particular mid point of my spine and some minor swelling just left to the spine.
    it should be noted down that pain is not countinuosly when i just sit then i got pain otherwise during walking condition or recumbent position there is no pain.

  44. sachin katiyar says:

    Differential Leucocyte Count (DLC)
    Segmented Neutrophils 77.40 % 40.00 – 80.00
    Lymphocytes 11.30 % 20.00 – 40.00
    Monocytes 10.60 % 2.00 – 10.00
    Eosinophils 0.60 % 1.00 – 6.00
    Basophils 0.10 % <2.00
    Absolute Leucocyte Count
    Neutrophils 7.18 thou/mm3 2.00 – 7.00
    Lymphocytes 1.05 thou/mm3 1.00 – 3.00
    Monocytes 0.98 thou/mm3 0.20 – 1.00
    Eosinophils 0.06 thou/mm3 0.02 – 0.50
    Basophils 0.01 thou/mm3 0.01 – 0.10
    Platelet Count 387.0 thou/mm3 150.00 – 450.00
    ESR 53 mm/hr 0 – 15
    sir this is my blood report..
    plz guide me..

    • Your Lab work results are correlated with an early Bacterial infection or tissue inflammation, probably you’re taking medications, the spine pain may be due to osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) which is the most common form of arthritis, usually affecting the hands, feet, spine, and large weight-bearing joints, such as the hips and knees., need to be observed and examined by a neurologist/Rheumatologist.

  45. sachin katiyar says:

    sir ,
    after getting blood report ,one of family doctor suggest me for check up of MRI. so this is my mri report summary .plz guide me i have some disease or any normal infection.?? plz guide me sir
    The study reveals a large lobulated thick-walled collection posterior subcutaneous fat planes with extent from L1 to L4 vertebral levels.
    The collection is seen insinuating into the bilateral posterior para-spinal soft tissues with adjacent myofascial edema.
    Visualized dorsal and vertebral bodies appear normal in height, alignment and marrow signal intensity, with subtle focal fatty changes seen at places.
    Posterior spinal elements are unremarkable.
    Visualized dorsal and distal cord and conus medullaris region appears normal in MR morphology.
    Clinico-pathological/contrast MRI are suggested for further evaluation.

  46. sachin katiyar says:

    sir as per ur guidance ..so i consulted with doctor ,doctor asked me u have bone tb infection in spine .but as for more confirmation u should also check up of mantoux test and chest x-ray. after getting a report doctor said to me ,some infection have been found n ur chest x-ray report ..but sir problem is that after getting a mantoux test report negative result to be found…
    this is mantoux report summary
    (Intradermal skin test)
    Tuberculin Dose After 0.1 ml of 1 T.U.
    Induration in mm 2 x 2
    Result Negative after 48 hours
    Induration measuring 10 mm or more is considered positive which shows hypersensitivity to tuberculoprotein. It
    indicates past or present infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

    sir i m totally confused .whether i have tb infection or not ..
    plz guide me sir

  47. Tbeckham says:

    Hello, I’m hoping you can help me to better understand my test results. I am severely in need of a hip replacement due to arthritis. I’m only 37. My results are: ESR 30.0 mm/hr Thank you.

    • Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of this type of damage. However, other conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis (a chronic inflammatory disease that causes joint pain, stiffness, and swelling), osteonecrosis (or avascular necrosis, which is the death of bone caused by insufficient blood supply), injury, fracture, and bone tumors also may lead to breakdown of the hip joint and the need for hip replacement surgery.
      ESR measures How ill are you?, ESR measures how effective is the treatment?
      Kindly subscribe to YouTube channel for more help in the future>>https://goo.gl/4wg6jS

  48. jasveen says:

    Hi sir
    My name is jasveen… and wife is 26 and her esr level is 53.. is this dangerous and most of time her foot and hand swells and her face also seems infected… sir can u suggest me what should we do…

    • ESR is high due to increasing inflammation and pain, because you mentioned symptoms which shared by many other diseases, You need a physical examination first by a GP doctor.

  49. MariannaM7792 says:

    The following are out of range on my labs. Im a 24 y/o female mixed hispanic and white. Mom of 4 . sed rate Westergren’s is 74. Hdl 38, Ldl 138. Hemoglobin 10.9 , hematorit 34, mch 26 rdw 15.9….

    • the rest of CBC results not complete, but in general > Hb 10.9 g/dl with high RDW and slightly low MCH>all suggesting Iron deficiency anemia.
      Blood fats are within normal ranges.
      ESR 74 is high, due to high inflammation that you’re suffering from, however, the causes of inflammation may be from anemia/may be from other causes
      need for further investigations and physical examination.
      Let me know if you have another question>

  50. Tami says:

    CRP, high sens 0.651 mg/dl

    Sed Rate 36



    Can you please explain these my Ana has been negative for a year but I do have osteo arthritis and wake with pain everyday

  51. litagrl67 says:

    3 year old presenting with a limp, X-rays rule out injury. Not in pain. ESR 10, arthritis negative all other results within range.
    Wbc 9.2 x1000
    Rbc 4.4
    Hgb 1.7
    Platelets 357 x 1000
    Anything to be concerned about?

  52. Peter sam says:

    My wife is 29 years, she is pregnant in the 4th month
    She has been suffering from pain in her muscles all over her body from two weeks ago
    She had systemic lupus when she was 14 and got treated for one year then she told me she’s like got cured from lupus
    Now she has ESR = 105, CRP = 24
    Her haemoglobin 9.6 and WBC = 2300
    I hust want to know is what she suffering is because of systemic lupus or what ?
    And how can this afftect the baby ?
    Thanks in advance

  53. Coquette says:

    I am a 29 yrs old women i had a history of MS and elvated aso titer, lately i had a very severe pain in my legs specially every joint in it. I did my labs and it went like that : Esr first hour 60 and secon hour 110
    What do you recommend and is it so high and if it what are the reasons?
    Thank you in advance

  54. Haru says:

    My father’s ESR came 150 which is very high. And he has been given antibiotics plus told to get a chest X Ray. He has cough and body pain. But the body pain maybe due to weakness. He got mild heat stroke a week ago.
    The thing is. Is this high rate due to some blood infection? And what should be done next.
    Also he had his spleen removed years ago so whenever he is ill he gets an error in blood count due to abnormal RBCs. Few years back due to the auto CBC count test he had a WBC count of 64 which is very very high…. It was false test due to his enlarged RBCs. Therefore a manual cBC was done which gave normal cell count.
    I was wondering can he get a false high ESR due to the same reason? And if yes then what should be done to check how sever his infection is.
    He is 55 years old. All blood cells are normal. Urine dr is also normal.
    He has diabetes. No hypertension.

    • Thanks for the question
      1-Automatic CBC counters give erroneous results when there are immature cells which are transitional cells and those counters not calibrated to count them.
      2-False ESR “low or high” explained in the original post.
      3-You said “All blood cells and urine is OK”, so that where is the infection you’re talking about?
      4-Progressive Diabetes can elevate ESR due to body inflammation by increased glucose around cells.
      5-Tests for inflammation include: ESR, CRP, CBC, and Plasma viscosity (PV) which replace ESR.

  55. Quinn Cherreguine says:

    Hi! I’m Quinn, 30 years old. I have a lot of rashes on my skin so decided to have a biopsy and result says I have lupus. I had some tests such as urinalysis, ANA, ESR..etc. I’m a bit confused with the results. Please help me out. Thank you!

    RBC count. 3.78
    Platelet count 376
    ESR. 42 mm/hr
    ANA. Negative
    C- Reactive Protein 1:2 positive
    12 mg/do

    Urinalysis: Pus cells. 5-7
    Red blood cells. 0-2
    Bacteria. Few
    Epithelial cells. Moderate

    • LE is an autoimmune disease, mainly show positive anti-dsDNA test with elevated ESR, and high proteins.
      You have normal urine, normal CBC, moderate ESR elevation, recommended to continue treatment and follow up.

  56. Shaik Anees says:

    hi , this is Anees, i did the hematology blood test in ESR is 40 mm / i am also suffering from fever every 15 days continuously cough mostly at evening time .. i also cant able to eat food if i take food with in 5 minits its vomiting . i just taking lite food juise or buttermilk . some times i am suffering form giddiness cant control . please i don’t know whats reason. please help me what does meaning ..

  57. Crescendolls says:

    I am 37 years old female. My body temperature has been elevated between 36.8-37.5 for 3 weeks. I also have cold feet and cough. But the cough has been so much better now despite the elevated body temperature.
    My ESR 35
    Haemoglobin 11.9
    Neutrophil 45
    Lymphocytes 43
    Monocyte 9
    Hematocryt 35
    MCH 26
    MCHC 31
    Other results were normal including CRP
    Do you what the above means?
    Thank you.

  58. arxoclay says:

    My fiancé has high blood pressure and takes medication (Losartan 50 mg/day) for the same. She has been feeling dizzy lately and did an ANA test recently to see if she has an autoimmune problem. She has heavy periods and tends to be anemic.

    ANA IFA Screen with Reflex and Pattern IFA
    Positive at 1:40 titer with speckled pattern
    Red blood cell count 3.35 Million/uL
    Hemoglobin 10.2 Million/uL
    Hematocrit 30.6%
    Platelet count 431 Thousand/uL
    Sed Rate by Modified Westergren
    28 mm/h

    Does this data suggest the presence of an autoimmune disorder or a cancer?

  59. Kamal972reddy says:

    I am 29yrs old, male. I went to a foctor for mild joint pains. My blood teat results are as below:
    SERUS ASO TITRE: negative
    Blood for ERS: 10mm 1st hr.

    Doctor is saying that upto 5mm 1st hour is normal and i have abnormal situation and suggested for an MRI scanning. The information that you have provided says upto 15mm is normal.

    Do i still need to continue with the doctor?

  60. Neeti Chauhan says:

    Hi. Sir/ ma’am. … I’m Neeti Chauhan. I’m 16 years old and I want to know about my blood test results. My ESR test results were 34 mm/hr. So I need to do now. Is it something very serious. Sir/ ma’am please reply soon.

  61. yvgg23 says:

    Hi. I have an 8 year old with high fevers 104+ from age 2-5 with no illnesses identified at time of fevers. Fevers have subsided now. Positive ANA titter 1:2560 finely speckled. SED rate 33 negative rheumatoid factor.

  62. rachele444 says:

    hi iam 46 years old and my ESR IS 57 mm/h what does it mean for me

    • Elevated sed rate always seen while you are suffering from an inflammation to bone, arthritis, heart, or any other condition.
      usually doctors using the ER results to know how does the treatment work?

  63. Yasir Arafat says:

    Sir I am a 28 years old man and my ESR(westergren method) is 16 mm/1st hour. Is it dangerous?
    what shouls I do?

  64. pretty_fifi says:

    Hi, I’m a 34 years old female, the following are my test results:
    ANF Negative
    C-ANCA 1.3
    WBC 11.4
    RBC 4.65
    CRP 1.1
    ESR 26
    FT4 14.4
    FT3 2.8
    TSH 4.31
    I am taking Thyroxin 100 micro since a couple of years now, but I’m feeling tired and have knee pain. Also, I have some sort of rash on my cheeks that my GP prescribed me allergy pills and alfacort but even after 10 days of treatment, it did not disappear.

    Can you guide me please?

  65. pandu says:

    my esr is 20mm/hr first hour
    and esr is 45mm/hr second hour…………
    what does mean by it, please reply me

  66. pandu says:

    this is pandu… male,…. age 27yrs….
    my esr is 20mm/hr first hour
    and esr is 45mm/hr second hour…………
    what does mean by it, please reply me

  67. Sai says:

    My esr is 25 per hour and I’m only 20.
    And I got a serious injury to my leg. Leaving a flesh wound and a toe fracture. Is it bad or are there any chances.

  68. Anshika says:

    30 mm at the end of 1 s
    What does it mean ?
    For a girl of 16 years of age

  69. Sri Priya Munipalli says:

    My ESR result is 30mm in 30 min and 40mm in 60min.I was also advised to go for uric acid test and is 4.3,my CRP result is 0.2.I am 35 year old lady.I was asked to take these tests as I was suffering from wrist pain since many days.please explain me the report.

  70. Shanika says:

    I’m a 28 year old female and will be 29 next month. My esr level was 28 what does that mean.

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