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Let’s tell the whole story of pregnancy test

The ovulation starts after the periodical blood disappears, the following days until the day 13 of the first menstrual day used by the ovary to growing the ova under hormone control (FSH hormone, LH hormone), from the day 14 of the LMP the ovum is ready to be fertilized (or the day preceding middle of the menstrual period time), indeed the best period to act sexual intercourse starts from the day 14 of LMP until the next date of period because the fertilization-ready ova make the higher successful rate of pregnancy during these days, if a sexual intercourse occurred among those times and we supposed that an active sperms meet an ready ovum it shall be fertilized by one or more active sperms and the fertilized ovum migrates from fallopian canal to the deepest of the uterus.

Best Fertilization days are those 3 days in the middle between two menses, but because the semen can persist 3 days inside the uterus the good days for pregnancy can be up to 3 more days.

Under Hormonal control of B-HCG hormone and uterine hormones the fertilized ovum will be divided into multiple cells then differentiated periodically as the B-HCG level multiplied in the pregnant women’s blood, during that times B-HCG hormone still under a detecting level until 6 – 8 days after the gestational age (calculated from the day which the fertilization occurred), from the day 6 – 8 of the gestational age the B-HCG hormone level raised to the 25 U/L, the level which can be detected by any home pregnancy test, thus the B-HCG level in the urine or blood is the main indicator of pregnancy, but it must be taken into account that the hormone level can’t be detected in the urine sample until the day 10 – 12 reached, then the hormone multiplied in the blood test every 48 hours, thus the cells differentiated to the fetus specific organs.

If you were asking, when to take a pregnancy test? the simple answer is, you may take a blood sample promptly if you missed the menses only one day (if you were calculating the ovulation correct), however urine pregnancy test may be useful few days later.

The women who can take a pregnancy test at home or Lab must be fulfilling the following requirements to show most trusted and accurate test results:

  1. Women may be take home pregnancy test of a urine sample if the period missed for long time than usual
  2. Woman may be take pregnancy test within the days start from the day 20 of LMP up to the next period menstruation date.

How Early can I take a Pregnancy Test?

Women can take a blood sample to testing for pregnancy after 1 to 2 days after LMP so that the B-HCG hormone level rose enough in the blood in the same time.

Women may be take a pregnancy test in urine sample after 3 to 5 days after LMP so that the B-HCG level raised and excreted in urine and can be detected by baby check strips or home pregnancy’s test kits.

However, we usually seen positive pregnancy tests in our laboratory for up to 4 days before the next due date.

Urine pregnancy tests at home: The ideal method to do a pregnancy check at home is from the urine sample using baby check strips or any product as pregnancy cassettes, you can take a pregnancy test by drawing a blood sample at appropriate time in any trusted Medical Lab; chemical methods that used in laboratory’ pregnancy testing should be more accurate.

How to do a pregnancy test at home? Firstly gently clean the skin then discard recognizable amount of urine in a clean container, then we now have a valid sample, let it about 10 minutes to settle. Then immerse pregnancy strip into the urine surface carefully, use 3 drops of urine in the sample gap if you have the pregnancy cassettes.

Interpretation of Pregnancy test results at home, clinic, or lab: The basic interpretation of results is simple and can be recognized by naked eye, the two lines appeared tell the successful cassette/strip and Positive pregnancy test, the one line tells non-pregnancy sample. Reading rapid pregnancy test is a confusing matter when you see pregnancy home strips show two line and you cannot stop asking “pregnant or non-pregnant“, but do not worry, I gonna explain this for you

Pregnancy strip have two faint lines when you add drops of your urine or serum the following results must be shown:

  1. When the home strip show two apparent lines, that tells it is positive and probably you are pregnant
  2. When only one apparent line beside the letter “C”, then it means the strip is valid but you are not pregnant till now, also it maybe means you have to recheck for pregnancy after few days later because the strip have limited to 25 U/L of the pregnancy hormone “B-HCG hormone”, it must be taken in account that this hormone level reached after 6 up to 8 days after the first gestational day, more about B-HCG level in blood later.
  3. When two faint lines appeared: it means positive too, but you are recommended to recheck it after a few days if the result not satisfies you.
  4. When the appearing only one line beside the letter “T”, it means the pregnancy strip is invalid, replace the strip and repeat the test.

I am a woman missed a lot of days of menstruation period after ovulation however pregnancy test show negative, what should I do?

This criteria may be due many reasons as:

  1. Invalid pregnancy strip,
  2. false negative test result and require a recheck after few days in trusted medical lab,
  3. and may be no pregnancy happens at all so that you need more days later then check for pregnancy,
  4. another matter may be pathological reasons of the women and should be clinically examined for imbalance of menstruation or hormonal imbalances.

I am a woman who aborted and still my pregnancy test show positive, what does that mean?

This due to the half life of the hormone to be excreted in urine and lowered by the body regulatory systems.

What does positive pregnancy test indicate in a child girl?
Some cases came to lab at age under pregnancy (child) or postmenopausal period and the pregnancy test shows positive result, pregnancy test positive in very younger or very older women means Tumor, ask the medical lab for Quantitative B-HCG test and go to a doctor, the radiological imaging may be required too.

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