What are tests included in general medical check up analysis?

There is some periodic and routine check up tests should be done every six months or less to be assured your health is good and all biological functions is working perfect.
Understand your blood tests for best diagnosis and lower prognosis,
Periodic general checkup blood analysis include a range of medical tests are made periodically (every six months) are as follows:
– Liver function SGOT, SGPT
– Kidney function Urea, Creatinine
– Blood picture CBC
– Fasting sugar FBS and after eating 2hPP of sugar
– The speed of deposition ESR
– for Gout investigation do test for blood Uric Acid Salts
– Urine Analysis
– Full blood fats called Lipid profile and including testing blood for Total Cholesterol + Triglycerides + low-density cholesterol + high density cholesterol
The complete checkup tests are:

  • Liver function tests including:

Bilirubin (Total + Direct) + ALT (SGPT) + AST (SGOT) + PT + Albumin + GGT + Total Protein + Alkaline Phosphatase

  • Renal functions tests are:

Creatinine + Urea + Uric acid + Urine analysis + Sodium and Potassium

  • Other tests for high glucose level, nephritis, or during pregnancy

– Cellular Hemoglobin HBA1C
– Glucose curve or sugar curve
– Microalbuminuria

  • Haemostatic blood tests:

– Speed ​​bleeding called Bleeding time (BT)
– The speed of clotting, the tests called Clotting time (CT)
– Blood thinners, or Prothrombin time (PT)
– Blood Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)
– The number of platelets through Platelets count test.
– Fibrinogen Level
– The level of Fibrinogen Degradation Products

  • Blood typing and serological tests are:

– Complete blood Picture through Blood Count test (CBC)
– including Retics count and examine the spinal puncture Bone marrow aspiration
– hemoglobin electrophoresis (Hb Electrophoresis)
– Coomb’s Direct.
– Blood Group & Rh type
– tests for Sickle anemia and Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD)

  • Tests used for fever investigation :
  1. for general investigation of fever: (CBC, including examination of blood smear from pateint’s blood, ESR)
  2. Tests for fever results from rheumatic disease carry out (ASOT, RF, CRP, ANA)
  3. Fever from tonsillitis require test (ASOT, CRP, ESR)
  4. Widal test and Brucella test for typhoid.
  5. Detection analysis Mediterranean fever using the technique of molecular biology FMF by PCR “please contact the lab”
  • Antibodies and antigens tests for autoimunological diseases:
  1. antibodies to the cell nucleus – Anti Nuclear Ab (ANA)
  2. monoclonal antibodies for DNA state Anti DNA
  3. Anti LKM
  4. monoclonal antibodies for the nucleus and the cytoplasm (Lanka) ANCA
  5. monoclonal anti-platelet Anti Platelet Ab
  6. antibodies of sperm in the semen or blood Anti Sperm Ab
  7. Complement 3 (C3)
  8. Complement 4 (C4)
  • Infectious Torch tests: Toxoplasma + Rubella + Cytomegalo Virus + Herpes I & I

Drug screen testing:

  1. antiepileptic drugs Tegretol (valporic acid) + Depakine (carbamazepine) + Epanutin (phenytoin)
  2. heart medication Digoxin (lanoxin)
  3. psychiatric drugs Lithium
  • Immunosuppressive Drugs Monitoring

Cyclosporin A (same day)
Tachrolimus (FK506) (same day)

  • Tests for eaten and inhaled substances through the blood
  1. Specific IgE: Inhalant, Food or Pediatric
  2. Chemical Analysis
  3. Microbiological Analysis

Bacteriological tests for Bacteria and virus investigation:

  1. Urine Exam C / S
  2. Stool Exam C / S
  3. Sample of the eye C / S
  4. Sample from ear C / S
  5. Sputum C / S
  6. Nose C / S

Investigation procedures for bacteriological tests:

  1. Film for AFB
  2. dyeing Film for ZN stain
  3. tuberculosis microbe Culture for TB
  4. Analysis TB DNA by PCR

The comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP 14, BMP 12)
Also called chemical screen of human blood , (CMP; CPT code 80053 and 058867 in 2005 CPT listing codes), It is initial broad medical screening tool, CPM tests include 14 tests for:

  1. General testing for metabolic and hormonal balance: (Serum glucose, and Calcium)
  2. kidney function: (Blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and Creatinine)
  3. liver function: (Bilirubin, Alkaline phosphatase (ALP), Aspartate amino transferase (AST or SGOT), and Alanine amino transferase (ALT or SGPT))
  4. electrolyte ( Sodium,Potassium,Chloride, andCarbon dioxide (CO2))
  5. fluid balance
  6. Protein tests: (Serum calcium, Serum total protein (TP), Human serum albumin)

Previous names for the panel of tests have been Chem 12, Chemistry panel, Chemistry screen, SMA 12, SMA 20 and SMAC (Sequential Multiple Analysis – Computer). The tests are performed on machines based on the AutoAnalyzer invented in 1957.and CMP is expansion to basic metabolic panel (BMP), old BMP panel does not include liver tests. A CMP (or BMP) can be ordered as part of a routine physical examination, or may be used to monitor a patient with a chronic disease, such as diabetes mellitus or hypertension.
Many profiles and testing panels will be added later… 
Complete medical testing panels 
Detect thrombotic and blood clotting risk factors
Predict heart disease and heart attack risks 

Dr.Megan Ralf

A Medical laboratory Scientist who devoted his life to medical and laboratory sciences, writes his everyday expertise dealing with various pathological conditions through laboratory diagnosis of different body fluids, also participating in many workshops for first aids, infection control, and urgent care. Also Dr Megan Ralf coaching many medical teams.

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