What does progression means in semen analysis?

Progression means in semen analysis: the velocity of major sperm count of an ejaculate of semen fluid, the normal progression percent of total sperm count is divided into three groups:

First progression group: grade I or forward Progressive sperms: is the highest velocity sperms which can spend >5 micrometer per second and reported as a percent of total sperms seen in a field under microscope.

Second Progressive grade II: may be reported as sluggish progressive or mild progressive too, and it is the sperms which can spend more than 25 micrometer per second but in many directions.

Grade III of progressive sperms in semen analysis is an expression of the percent of sperms that cannot move any way but in their place by moving their heads or tails in the place but cannot progress forward, also called poor progressive sperms.

Normal progression in semen should be contain more than or equal to 25 % of Grade I sperms or 50% of both Grade I, and Grade II., also semen may reported as normal when total progression exceeds 70% but additional examinations must be done as vitality of the immobile or immotile sperms, additional tests for infertility and sex hormones may be also required.

The abnormal progression is reported by the word ” Ascenozospermia”

Sample of SEMEN ANALYSIS report
VOLUME       3.0  ML           N. 2- 4  ml
meaning of sperms progressionCOUNT:                      55 Milion/ml        Normal. > 20 Milion/ml
MOTILITY                  : 
VIABILITY              : 75%  Immediatly       
                                 78        %  after 1 HOUR          
                              74%    after 2 HOURS    
ABNORMAL  FORMS:         18        %         N. Up to  20 %
SPERMATOCYTES:    1 – 3   /H.P.F 
PUS CELLS0 – 2    :H.P.F 
R.B.CELLS    0 – 1    :/H.P.F 
PARASITS   :NIL                
REMARKS: Normal Seminal Profile
Example of a medical semen report from a website on the internet:
Sperm Morphology: % normal ;
** unexpected numeric value found: 5% **
(<4% Normal forms may be considered subfertile) Original Result: “NORMAL FORMS:”
Percent non-progressive sperm;
** unexpected numeric value found: 13% ** Original Result: “Nonprogressive:”
Sperm Motility
** unexpected numeric value found: 59% **
(>40%, of which > 32% should be progressive) Original Result: “MOTILITY:”
Semen pH:
** unexpected numeric value found:  8.0 (7.2 – 8.0) ** Original Result pH:”
Semen sample volume;
** unexpected numeric value found: 5.1ml (2 – 10) ** Original Result “VOLUME:”
Semen appearance Normal Original Result: “APPEARANCE:”

A medical report of 26 yrs person who have a problem of low progression (Ascenozospermia) and a case of “mild teratozospermia” with normal of other factors in semen analysis.

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