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What tests should be done for infertility for male and female?

Medical tests used to detect any disorder in the sexual functions and sexual hormones to be assured what is the reason of infertility and know what is the appropriate medication to cure the infertility and male become fertile and females become pregnant

note that: infertility tests not used to detect the reason of repeated abortion but it used for repeated negative pregnancy test to know what is the reasons behind No pregnancy occurrence.

Medical Analysis tests for infertility for both male and female
Analysis of the man infertility:

  1. Semen examination
  2. Hb Electrophoresis
  3. Blood Group & RH
  4. Chromosomal Analysis
  5. Fasting blood sugar

Analysis tests of the woman infertility:

  1. Toxoplasma (IgG & IgM)
  2. Hb Electrophoresis
  3. Blood group & Rh
  4. Fasting blood sugar
  5. Chromosomal Analysis… “Please contact lab”


  1. Always do general checkup examination annual or half annual to early detect the presence of any contagious diseases.
  2. Infertility may be due to STD such as HIV virus or VDRL diseases for unprotected sex actions. 

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