Anti Mullerian Hormone, AMH levels, and ovarian reserve testing Explained

What is Ovarian reserve test?

I like to help women about the hormone AMH, which is the most helpful modern marker of ovarian eggs count.
Unfortunately, women may not know the value of AMH test before IVF or ICSI.
The ovaries contain a number of ovarian follicles up to 1 million at birth,
Some follicles exposed to atrophy and die, the remaining 400.00 at puberty and less than 10,000 over the age of forty, the process of gradual reduction persist until the age of cycle interruption (menopause), and because those eggs are a primary small buds, the goal is to increase the growth of these eggs, until the largest number of them reaches the stage of maturity. And therefore the measurement of the number of those buds present in the ovary predicts the degree of fertility for any lady.
The function of “preliminary eggs” is the production of a hormone called “ovarian reserve test” “AMH” “mullerian hormone antibodies”.
Most of the research and study results indicate that: low AMH hormone could explain cases of “response failure” of ovarian steroids in operations such as “artificial injection or IUI” and “ICSI or IVF”.
Where there is a direct relationship between “low AMH hormone level” with “low response rates of the ovary” Which prompting some medical centers to do ovarian reserve analysis “AMH test” before starting any treatments.
AMH comes from ovum less than 7.0 mm, which is pre-antral and small antral.
What is the function of anti-mullarian hormone in men?
AMH in men is degrading the female ductal system (in male fetus).

AMH Levels Chart for women under age 35:

The most important changes in the level of the hormone in the blood of women?

    • In cases of advanced age, the anti-mullarian hormone level is low, and is not pathological reason.
    • In cases of ovarian cysts syndrome, the AMH level is high, continue reading the cons to know why?!

High AMH level is 6.8 ng/ml, which means increasing AMH secretion, usually cysts (POCS)
Normal AMH levels are between 6.8 ng/ml and up to 4.0 ng/ ml, means that ovaries still have valid eggs enough to help pregnancy happens. sufficient
Low AMH level is between 4.0 and down to 2.2 ng/ml, which still means a good chance of normal eggs stock.
Poor ovarian reserve when AMH level is under 2.2 ng/ml or above 0.3 ng/ml,
Very low AMH levels is under 0.3 ng/ml.
Some laboratories set the AMH levels under 0.5 ng/ml as the critical value for insufficient eggs reserve.

AMH levels Chart Table

measurement in ng/ml measurement in pg/ml interpretation
more than 6.8 above 48.5 Abnormal high level, not Excess ovarian reserve
6.8 – 4.0 48.5 – 28.6 Normal healthy limit, Suffecient Ovarian reserve
4.0 – 2.2 28.6 – 15.7 Weak AMH levels,satisfactory Ovarian reserve
2.2 – 0.3 15.7 – 2.2 low level, poor eggs reserved in ovaries.
less than 0.3 2.2 – 0.0 Very low AMH level, Diminished Ovarian Reserve

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When your doctor request AMH test?

If the woman’s age is older than 30.
Women suffer from the disease, polycystic ovaries, which is simply to have a abnormal sacks on ovary.
Migration of the uterine lining, called Endometriosis.
Having uterine fibroid.
Having an unknown etiology/disease in a woman’s womb.
AMH level
What happens to women who they reach 35 years old and after?
The incidence of pregnancy to have become small compared to the younger ladies.
The possibility of abortion becomes more predictable.
Increase the likelihood of birth defects in the fetus: Because of the lack of remaining eggs,
Or because the eggs have remained long in the ovary.
Thus, the women’s age is a critical factor in determining women’s fertility and the success of IVF treatment or others, so you should do some tests to see eggs reserve before initiating therapy.

You May Tell Us Your AMH level and Age?  

Can the Anti-mullarian hormone expect the quality of the woman’s eggs?

Is not a direct relationship or absolute.
Good Ovarian reserve means: the level of the AMH is enough and the woman’s age is younger.
If a lady in the twenties of age and its reserve is average or a low, it is not necessarily she’s poor quality eggs,
Of course the ladies in their thirties with low AMH level will have less chances and the ladies in forty is less those in thirties and so on.
Because those women in their twenties have more chances to response to ovulation steroids, they’ve more chances to get pregnant.
What is the best time to take a blood test for the AMH?
When to test for ovaries reserves?

  • The AMH level in the blood does not depend on the time of cycle’s days, so that the women may take a hormone test on any day in the month.
  • Ovarian reserve test can be made at any time of the period.
  • Fasting is not required to perform the analysis.
  • AMH Analysis is performed through examination of a blood sample.

If you want to get more information on ovarian reserves analysis
How to the blood sample be taken?
How much is the cost of Ovarian reserve test?
How long it takes to get the results ?, the possibility to get the result via your e-mail?

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How AMH is used for predicting the pregnancy chance and IVF success?
The lack of AMH hormone or the presence of a rise in the hormone FSH (more than 10) shows the weakness of the ovaries, with few chances of pregnancy.
Sonar Uls is used for examining ovarian reserves too, to find out how much is the number of small eggs in ovarian follicles apparent on the ultrasound screen, if a large number it will be a good stock.
With the correlation of all tests and Scanning results, the doctor will deduce that, how much the woman is fertile?, how prepared is the woman’s genitals for pregnancy and maturing an embryo?
Do Weight loss pills affect the AMH test results?
You know if you take any medicines that contain metformin like cidophage or Glucophage, I mean drugs as regulators for sugar or for weight loss, it will reduce the result of AMH test falsely.
Thus the result is wrong, and should stop the medicine for at least a month before the analysis to get a result expressive of real ovaries reserve of eggs,
I do take contraceptives; do they affect AMH test?
Women receiving oral contraceptives: her Ovarian reserve is not affected, and the result of the AMH test is correct.
In the end.
What is the benefit of anti mullerian hormone testing?
Measuring AMH is useful in evaluating fertility in women, analysis assesses ovarian reserve of inactive eggs yet, Useful particularly for women who need either to freeze eggs, or who have weak fertility in the long term an attempt to “urgent pregnancy” by artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization techniques.

  • Anti mullerian hormone secreted from small eggs only and that stored in the ovary, which gives a picture of the reserved remaining eggs in the ovary.
  • The difference between AMH and FSH is that AMH is direct measurement of fertility and most relative unlike the FSH hormone, the matter which makes the AMH level is the most useful marker in cases of invitro fertilization processes.
  • Give an Explanation of unexplained infertility cases.
  • Identify the appropriate treatment for each case system.
  • Identification of doses, and the quality of the drugs used during ovarian stimulation phase.
  • Shed light on the degree of ovarian response (the number and quality of eggs that can be obtained)
  • Detection of cases that may be subject to “hyper-responsiveness” or “OHSS”, and then take the necessary precautions

Disadvantages of AMH in measuring the women’s fertility and the IVF success rates:
AMH is measuring the quantity of eggs not the quality of eggs, why!?
Women suffering from polycystic ovaries: this analysis would not reflect the “real reserve of eggs”, and the resulting number is a count for abnormal cysts.
It is known that, every month, the eggs that is incapable of good growth are clustered around the ovary, then turn into cysts, thus the result of ovarian reserve is abnormally High, which not means an excess or abundance of “good stock “of the eggs.

Have you scanned your Ovaries by ultrasound, please tell if the AMH reflects the scan results?

AMH is a hormone secreted by the ovary cells to activate and increase the effectiveness of the eggs in their first stages of development, AMH is causing the action of FSH (the main hormone to maturing eggs).
Therefore, the researchers believe that the AMH measurement has powerful signs of the eggs reserve, the extent of maturity, and the more accurate than FSH.
Recommend every woman that there are many tests and analysis need to know before an ICSI and that will help your doctor to find out what fits the situation of each woman.
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