What is RBC in Blood Test?

Here is the meaning of RBC blood test and the indication of medical term RBC, what is the significance of it in the blood test taken from you at the laboratory, we present medical information by people words, so that if you are a medical student you need to search for RBC term in a textbook.
RBC blood test is a laboratory test for measuring the concentration of Red Blood Cells in a sample of your blood, RBC is a part of complete blood count test and may be order it separated.
What is RBC? is a medical short term for “Red Blood Cell”
What is RBC count in blood test for? RBC count the red blood cells per cubic centimeter of your blood.
What is RBC test used for?
Red blood cells in our capillaries do a vital tasks every single second such as:

  • RBC carry Oxygen inhaled by lungs from lungs to the tissue and at the same process, RBCs carrying CO2 molecules out to lungs to be exhaled, Oxygen transported used by the tissues to generate energy molecules called “ATP”, So that the sufficient number of red cells in blood means sufficient oxygen and healthy ventilation and means effective energy supply system, having said that, RBCs normal range may be widen in blood test results of some People who live at the top of the towering areas, and for the elderly who already have breathing problems, it was necessary to know that the normal range, or which does not reflect the presence of illness should be greater than the normal range for ordinary and younger people.
    RBCs carry sodium and potassium which is a necessary elements for neurological balance and body hydration too, normal red cells count in the blood means good brain signaling and normal blood pressure.
  • RBCs transport nutrients from tissue to tissue, RBCs count means good nourishment.
  • RBCs transport some substances called “hormones” which is the leader of the body mechanisms.

And many other function of rerbc meaning d blood cells, regulate carry transport.
Why my doctor request RBC blood test count?

  • To show if there is a low RBC count which may be a sign of anemia.
  • To show if RBC count is high which means a disease called “polycythemia”, represents a blood cells over production from bone marrow.
  • For instance: RBC count for renal failure patients along with other CBC blood test indices help detect the deficiency of “erythropoetin hormone, a hormone induce RBCs production.

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