Q:What is my PSA is >1000?

Answer: the PSA is a short form for prostate antigen,

This test is currently the main one in determining the condition and health of the prostate gland, especially for those who complain of pain when urinating.

This antigen is released from the prostate and the bulk of it is in the semen and a little in the blood in the form of either bound to other proteins or free.

If the bound is very high, more than free, then it is considered to be coming from an abnormal growth in the prostate which urge for a sample of the prostate tissue that should be taken and examined thoroughly to ensure the presence of a cancerous tumor or not.

But in general, when the antigen level exceeds 10, the suspicion of cancer becomes great, and when the antigen becomes higher than 1000, it is certain that there is a cancerous tumor, and a biopsy is for the final confirmation.

Q:What is my PSA is >1000?

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