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Q:PSA Level Interpretation for 73 year man Total PSA 8 Free PSA 13.5 without symptoms

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73 year old man here. Had a PSA test as part of recent Medicare Wellness Visit. My first PSA reading was 8.3 with a free PSA of 13.5. My second readings, taken 2 1/2 weeks later were 7.0 and a 13.5 free. Other info worth noting: was diagnosed with BPH 15 years ago and had laser surgery that successfully relieved urinary flow problems. Have not had any problems since. Also, I’ve shown no other symptoms known to be associated with prostate CA such as blood in urine or semen, etc.. I’d be interested in your opinion. Thank you.

free to total PSA Ratio Chart

Q: PSA Total 10.04 PSA Free 12.2, 68 years man, what do PSA results mean?

Have got theses results:

PSA ratio 1.2 ng/mL
PSA Total 10.04 ng/mL
PSA Free 12.2%
68 year old

What do PSA results mean?


We will calculate your free/total PSA ratio, which equals 1.2, when we look up your 1.2 in the below table, your age is 68 and ratio is over 0.25 which means your percent probability of finding prostate cancer in a needle biopsy is lower than 12%, which is a very low probability

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PSA 908

Exponentially Elevated PSA 908, What are the chances that this is not metastatic?

My 57 year old significant other just received the results of his 1st PSA. It is 908 which seems, from internet reading, to be exponentially high. The doctor ran a 2nd blood test the same day, results are pending. The G.P. made an appointment with a urologist for him for the first available date. What are the chances that this is not metastatic?