Prolactin Blood Test and Hyperprolactinemia| How to conceive when prolactin levels are high?

I have elevated prolactin levels. What does this mean? What can I do to regulate my hormones?
You mentioned that you were recently diagnosed with high prolactin levels in this condition is known as hyperprolactinemia there’s a lot of different things that can cause it
and one of the first symptoms a woman usually has is:
she’s not having periods or not having regular periods and it sounds like this is the case with you as
you’ve been trying to have a third child and you didn’t have a problem with your first two many women don’t have periods
they go seeking help and this is sometimes a diagnosis that’s found high prolactin levels affect your ability to
ovulate and that’s why it’s hard to get pregnant certain medications can cause higher prolactin levels and there are
other explanations as well
and it can go along with other hormone imbalances and you asked some really good questions about how you can balance your hormones and make it possible for you to have another baby these are all really good questions for your doctor, who knows the most about your situation your lab results your past health history and your current status.

How to conceive when prolactin levels are high?
so prolactin is basically another hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland and the higher levels of these prolactin also inhibit the ovuation from occurring properly so this can be checked with a simple blood investigation.
just like how a thyroid levels are checked in the morning fasting sample
similarly the prolactin also can be done clinically usually the problem would be that you know your periods are little delayed and then the flow during the periods is reduced some do complain of occasional headaches when it’s a very high levels of prolactin and it and people do come back with this thing they’re not conceiving and we do this hormone test for them now any level more than 30 in the prolactin is requiring treatment.
then the dosing pattern is decided based on that and once you’ve conceived then these lab medications are stopped usually we get a very good response if this is diagnosed and treated on time.

Dr.Megan Ralf

A Medical laboratory Scientist who devoted his life to medical and laboratory sciences, writes his everyday expertise dealing with various pathological conditions through laboratory diagnosis of different body fluids, also participating in many workshops for first aids, infection control, and urgent care. Also Dr Megan Ralf coaching many medical teams.

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