20+ real cases, AM I PREGNANT , all pregnant or non pregnant questions answered

Am i preggo or not?
This question does not mean have a bun in the oven or in a family way, the preggers, preggo, prego, pregos is a slang of “pregnant”

Firstly the “HCG” stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a protein hormone that stimulates progesterone secretion, appears in biological fluids as intact HCG, free α subunit, free β subunit, and various fragments such as nicked HCG and nicked free β HCG.

The pregnancy scenario will be as follows:
The story of pregnancy starts:

  • From the day one to the fifth of LMP: Women riding the Crimson wave this week (menses) and an ovary generated a follicle released by the day 3 in the fallopian tube.
  • Up to the day 13 of LMP: the follicle develops an ovum that becomes dominant by the day 14 and ready to be fertilized.
  • 14 days later: the uterus is ready to receive the fertilized ovum, if there is fertilization, then the fertilized ovum emigrating to uterus within 7 to 10 days after conception and implanted there, if no fertilization occurred, then the ovum and the uterine lining emerge through the menstruation at the end of the cycle period as Aunt Flo and cousin Red came to visit.
  • HCG Beta subunit rise from 5 ml/l in the beginning of gestation to become multiplied every day to be in the detectable range within 6 – 8 days in blood sample and up to 10 days in the other specimens.

By understanding the pregnancy story and B-HCG levels chart every woman can calculate the gestational age easily.

HCG Levels throughout Normal Pregnancy
HCG is secreted by the trophoblast in increasing amounts from the time of implantation of the fertilized ovum (blastocyst) in the uterine endometrium.

Simply HCG is the hormone growing the implanted fertilized ovum until the progesterone hormone increased in the yellow body or what scientifically called corpus luteum. Progesterone develops the placenta, while placenta being developed by the hormone progesterone, the hCG hormone declined by the week 6 – 8 of the gestation date. And the placenta takes the responsibility to feed and growing the embryo.

HCG levels Chart in different pregnancy types
General HCG beta subunit charting added which show the multiplying level of hcg hormone over the age of pregnancy, hcg give us a strong sign to progression of pregnancy and viability of gestation.
1. IUI and IVF: must still double after 15 days, otherwise there is non-viable pregnancy.
2. Early miscarriage: Pain with strong fall of B-HcG level.
3. Ectopic pregnancy: Pain in the wrong gestation area, B-HCG level rise in slow curve tend to stop or fall.

What I do to test for pregnancy?
What I do to know if I am pregnant or not?
Calculate your period carefully, if you are in the right date and NO cycle yet, and then go to the lab for checkup.
home pregnancy testWhen comes to lab do not forget to tell the Lab phlebotomists or Lab specialist who are doing the sampling and blood testing, if you are pregnant, and what pregnancy trimester you are in at the time of the test, or what your menstruation date for that time, of course to recommend you the best test for you.

Pregnancy test one pink one white am i pregnant?
Usually a questions like “I took a pregnancy test one line dark pink and one white line am i pregnant?” arise and here the answer

Wait 6-8 days after your period stopped and after conception, if you are pregnant, the blood pregnancy home test will give you 2 lines whatever they are faint or sharp colored, or wait 7 – 10 days to get a Positive pregnancy test in your urine sample.

Late Period or pregnant?
If your menstruation stopped and you did not see any blood at the time of next menstruation date, then you may be get pregnant or have a problem in your hormonal rhythm, go to the Lab and tell them the whole data.

15 days after your menstruation blood not seen and NO Positive pregnancy test appear either in blood or urine, then your are facing interrupted menstruation, and must go to a gynecologist to get treatment, and sure you are not Pregnant.

Frequent blood drops after Positive Pregnancy test?
Missed period by day or two and you are see some blood drops as not usual after some days of stopped or missed menstruation.
Pregnant women do not get periods: continues blood after missing it for some days means your certainly NOT PREGNANT

Recommended to check the abdomen by U/S ultrasound with an immunoassay pregnancy test, If hcG subunit test was Positive, I mean b-hcG is of any value above 5 mIU/mL, and U/S Sonar give NO appearance of gestation on the screen “both sacs and fetal pole”, those results with the bleeding is a strong sign of early abortion due to hormonal problems.
You are made hard work at home, or may be due to immunological causes, anyway start treatment with fixative progesterone supplements and multivitamins with eating fruits which rich with minerals. The bleeding should stop, and the cramping too after some days later. Yes, Successive implantation. Then you are surely Pregnant. Follow up.

Early miscarriage or just an interruption?
Missed period then blood drops seen after some days with cramps and backpain “backache” usually with pain in one breast or in chest area, those signs continues after Positive Pregnancy test means YOU are suffering from early abortion. The fixatives may not be beneficial any more. Sorry to tell you that the Implantation failed and there is no pregnancy and still not Pregnant.

Excessive discharges in the early days of pregnancy?
Getting white discharge with cramping after successive implantation, does not means interruption in the pregnancy, ask your doctor for checking the discharges up.

I missed my period and pregnancy test still NEGATIVE?
I’m feeling delicate 3 days ago and still the pregnancy tests appear negative, but I feel I am pregnant; you need to have another beta done in 48 hours from when you took the first test. If the number detected and doubles, you still pregnant otherwise your doctor may start medication.

Continues menstruation bleeding with Positive Pregnancy test?
Different examples:
I am 11 days late heavy boobs light pink bleeding bright red little cramping am i pregnant?
Bright red blood when i wipe but not in toilet am i pregnant
If the women got the painters in or in her flowers (menstruating) and the pregnancy test came positive:

  1. Bleeding at the time of period cycle considered menstruation.
  2. Positive HCG hormone test means pregnancy.
  3. Need to carry out B-HCG beta subunit quantitative analysis with imaging investigations to exclude a benign tumor in uterus.

If i am not ovulating am i pregnant

  1. Calculate your ovulation day carefully then
    go for a pregnancy test.
  2. If you never ovulated before, a tumor or hormonal disturbances are suspected.

When the Qnt B-HCG testing must be done?
Follow up Normal Pregnancy of the main goal of requesting the B-HcG level, but it is a very strong tool allows doctor to decide ending or keep pregnancy session, such as:

  1. Missed period but negative pregnancy test.
  2. Continuous bleeding at a non-proper time as in child girl under menstruation age or due to cancerous tumors.
  3. Interrupted pregnancy at whatever time.
  4. Suspected Pregnancy false positive and false negative results with rapid screening test.

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