Can I be Pregnant or just it is late period? question answered

I Answered a question on yahoo answers about confusion of many females when they have a late period with blood or without appearance of blood, It may be a matter which involve many factors, as history of lateness of period or calculation of menstrual period next time, or may be a bacterial infection come with blood discharge.

Also most reasonable factor that cause late menstruation without suspecting occurrence of gestation is the status of hormonal rhythm of female.
The question was: I was 3 days late with my menstrual cycle. When I started to lightly bleed its like blood discharge tmi sorry. I’m beginning to have serve cramps to the point that I can no longer continue sleeping. I just checked a minute ago i have no fresh blood on my pad just when i wipe Can I be pregnant? I also took another pregnancy test came out negative   
not pregnant with bloodMy typical short answer is:
I am  a medical Lab Specialist:
Your case is frequent to me:
1-Negative Pregnancy test means that; NO pregnancy happened ever, if pregnancy test was POSITIVE with blood discharge, it may be a thing that might be interpreted as abortion/miscarriage.
2-Bloody discharge must be analyzed in a random urinalysis.
3-You are advised to consult a gynecology physician to maintain your menstrual period to be normal again.

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