High ASOT test Titre 800 and CRP 30, is that false Positive?

Normal ASOT titre is up to 200 Unit
Titres in this test 200 – 400 – 600 – 800 IU/ml and no higher than 800 IU/ml .
False +ve result may occur in early infection and children between 6 months to 2 years
How to understand Analysis of rheumatic fever, ASOT?
Streptococcus is a type of bacteria infects the tonsils.
Cause pus on the tonsils and increase up to the heart and cause heart problems.
Antistreptolysin O titre is analysis measures the percentage of antibodies formed by the human body against toxins secreted by the streptococcus microbe such as inflammation of the throat or skin.
The ratio begins to increase 7-14 days after injury and then gradually increase the ratio to reach its highest point after about a month of infection and then gradually go down with treatment.
The high titre of the microbe antibodies means just that:
There was inflammation caused by a microbe of tonsils during the last months
High percentage does not mean that there are complications of microbe
A relatively high ASO concentration may remain for four or six months, even without complications
ASO titer could rise with a simple sore throat and only rise does not mean that there are complications will occur or not.
Also nothing to do with the high percentage of the progress of the disease: where the ratio begins to increase after nearly two weeks of infection.
ASOT Analysis does not have an interest in the disease which has now begun,
For example, if the high ASO titre during sore throat, it means Old inflammation and nothing to indicate for the current inflammation.

The importance of ASO test:
When there is the obvious symptoms of Arthritis complications such as redness and swelling and heart problems “and not just the pain of joints.”
When the swelling moving from one joint to another joint within days, only then the aslot test is useful, but ASOT alone is not enough never to diagnose rheumatic disease,
For example, there is a misconception that the high ASO rate is adequate to prove the existence of rheumatic heart disease or arthritis, and another false concept that the high titre means that tonsils need to be eradicated.
The patient is more vulnerable to flu in addition to the pain in the joints, especially the knee, back, and the inability to walk long distances and this often happens for children and youth.
ASO titre more than 600 is need to be proved with clear symptoms and increase in other related blood tests.
High titre means more immunity against arthritis.
CRP concentration is not a valid indicator of Arthritic complications, since C-reactive protein is not associated protein for that, nevertheless, CRP can be raised once or during 24 hours of infection to rapidly tell the body that there are invaders, which called chemotaxis.
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