Hair loss ESR 34 Total white count 11100

Im Thamalsha. Im 21 years old. I met dermatologists doctor for my hair loss. I wanna to know about my blood report. My ESR result was 34.00 mm/hr. And my total leucocyte count 11,100. Can I know about that and if i have a problem what can I do for it?


Possible cause of high ESR with mild high total white cells count:

  1. underlying inflammation
  2. infections (e.g. abscesses, bacterial endocarditis and osteomyelitis). But not necessarily damaging hair.
  3. autoimmune diseases (e.g. lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, inflammatory bowel disease). But ESR must go higher than 34, over 100 for example.
  4. Blood cancers (e.g. lymphomas, leukemias). But they have more serious symptoms along with hair loss, losing hair isn’t the only sign of cancers.


  1. you must mention any of other symptoms and the disease histroy.
  2. Additional tests must be done to diagnose the hair loss more precisely, including:
    1.CRP test for current infection.
    2.CBC for prenecious anemia
    3.ANA, dsDNA, RF, LDH to exclude abnormal immunity response
    4.Vitamin D and ferittin test
    thanks for your question, for more please ask.

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