I keep getting mild abdomen pains, needing to urinate, and farting?

I keep getting mild pains in my abdomen,
and keep needing to urine,
also farting a lot
whats wrong with me?
I eat a lot of vegetables by the way, and i eat really fast
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Hello dear, I am a Medical Lab Scientist,
1- Frequent urination not a sharp diagnostic sign for any disease.
2-Vegetables, Fast-foods, and abdominal pain are the main physiological causes of frequent farting & abdominal spasms.
3-Abdominal pain and frequent urination together are a sign of UTI, especially if assured with bloody urine.
Make “liquid and juice” a part of your meals, and get away of fast-food,
Take a test for (Complete urine analysis test, Complete stool examination, and Liver enzymes) to be reassured
4-Full explanation of blood test results in sources…

Dr.Megan Ralf

A Medical laboratory Scientist who devoted his life to medical and laboratory sciences, writes his everyday expertise dealing with various pathological conditions through laboratory diagnosis of different body fluids, also participating in many workshops for first aids, infection control, and urgent care. Also Dr Megan Ralf coaching many medical teams.

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