I keep getting mild abdomen pains, needing to urinate, and farting?

I keep getting mild pains in my abdomen,
and keep needing to urine,
also farting a lot
whats wrong with me?
I eat a lot of vegetables by the way, and i eat really fast
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Hello dear, I am a Medical Lab Scientist,
1- Frequent urination not a sharp diagnostic sign for any disease.
2-Vegetables, Fast-foods, and abdominal pain are the main physiological causes of frequent farting & abdominal spasms.
3-Abdominal pain and frequent urination together are a sign of UTI, especially if assured with bloody urine.
Make “liquid and juice” a part of your meals, and get away of fast-food,
Take a test for (Complete urine analysis test, Complete stool examination, and Liver enzymes) to be reassured
4-Full explanation of blood test results in sources…

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