What tests should be done for newborn babies?

Medical examinations and tests to be carried out on pregnant mother during different months of pregnancy to make sure no inheritance infectious diseases.
And some medical tests on the newborn child to make sure that he actually was born free of any disease in the glands or internal organs of the body and that the body works well without the disease.

Medical tests for newborn directly after birth:
Early detection of some genetic diseases of newborn babies Neonatal Screening and for early detection of the disease following birth of small newborn child (the first month):

  1. – Thyroid hormone deficiency for (Congenital hypothyroidism)
  2. – Increase above the renal gland secretion (Adrenal hyperplasia)
  3. – Sickle cell anemia by testing blood G6PD Enzyme deficiency
  4. – Galactosaemia
  5. – Phenylketonuria

Molecular biology tests and chromosomal analysis for pregnant:
Used for pre-diagnosis during gestation and through pregnancy months:

There is the work of one assays to detect the presence of disease opportunities (defect in the chromosomes):
1 – PAPP – A (1st trimestric screening):
And then assays are made are introducing their findings on a special computer program exists lab to calculate the chances of disease
1 – PAPP – A 2 – B-HCG
This is the work week analysis between the ninth and fourteenth of pregnancy
2 – Triple markers for Down Syndrome:
Is the work of three and then analyzes are introducing their findings on a special computer program exists lab to calculate the chances of disease
1 – Alpha fetoprotein 2 – B-HCG 3 – Esteriol (E3)
And this analysis is performed between the fifteenth week and the twentieth week of pregnancy In both analyzes information is taken from the mother, namely:
1 – the first day in the last 2 cycle – Weight 3 – Date of Birth 4 – sugar or not

All previous examinations is used to detect the presence of any diseases whether it is hereditary or congenital or even physiological, some tests and examination analysis should be done when pregnancy months on mother’s blood and after birth for small babies.

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