What Does MCH Blood Test Mean in CBC test?

What Is MCH In Blood test?
MCH test can be defined as one of the comprehensive blood test (CBC), known as the complete blood count test.
MCH value is calculated from the hemoglobin reading and red blood cells count by a mathematical equation.
It is known as the average hemoglobin mass and used for diagnosing the causes of many diseases.
Red blood cells are one of the main blood components that take the shape of ball, as it contains hemoglobin, which is linked to the iron element and a number of different proteins.
MCH test:
The average mass of the hemoglobin molecule is analyzed by taking a sample of red blood cells
The hemoglobin mass in the red blood cells ranges between 26-33 pkg within the normal range.
In the case of high or low, there is a disturbance in the amount of iron in the blood, which is associated with many diseases, as in the case of red blood cell mass disorder, because of the association of reading hemoglobin.
Anemia is a condition where the result of MCH test is less than normal:
Due to the lack of iron needed to produce hemoglobin, and therefore the mass of hemoglobin molecule in blood is less than the rate sufficient to contain oxygen, showing the patient several symptoms is a preliminary indication of the magnitude of the test of the average hemoglobin red cells.
These symptoms include:
Physical and general impairment of motor activity.
Feeling dizziness and blurry vision, especially in cases of changing the position of the body from sitting directly.
Weakness of the ability of the body to exercise.
The appearance of paleness and signs of depression in the face.

MCH test can detect early Sickle cell anemia:
MCH test is one of the most important tests to detect the disease, which affects the red blood cells to take the shape of sickle, which is the origin of the label.
Where the disease is spread clearly in the Mediterranean region,
The disease is caused by the production of bone marrow for abnormal cells due to a number of factors and influences, the most important genetic factor.
Where the problem lies in a defect in one of the nucleic acids (RNA),
Therefore, MCH test should be performed when symptoms associated with the disease are present:
Feeling dizzy when doing a sudden muscle strain.
Acute bronchitis attacks.
Occurrence of visual disorders.
The occurrence of kidney failure leads in many cases to the formation of gravel.
Fracture and joint stiffness.
The occurrence of vascular disorders may lead to an increase in blood pressure or the occurrence of strokes of the heart or brain.

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