Q: PLT 108 WBC 4.12 with diarrhea and belly pains two days later. Any reassurance would be amazing?

Question: Hi has anyone’s children had low platelets and a slightly low white blood cell count? The doctor wants to repeat in 2 weeks. Obviously googled and scared the life out of myself! She did say a virus could of caused it which I said he had Covid 7 weeks ago! But I also forgot 2 days before the blood test he had diarrhoea and belly pains. So hoping that’s the reason. The platelet count was 108 and white cell count 4.12. Any reassurance would be amazing thank you!

Q PLT 108 WBC 4.12 with diarrhea and belly pains

If you sent a clear image for the real results, it would be better for reliable interpretation. Because declining in levels of PLT+WBC can be a serious markers especially if combined with Low Hgb, the complete results can clear misdiagnosis.
Other causes of Low PLT with Low TLC may include: viral infection, therefore a previous COVID infection may suppress the work of the bone marrow leads to decrease in the numbers of white blood cells and platelets as well.
another rare reason may be the pancytopenia due to bone marrow failure, the best evidence for that is the accompanied anemia and low RBCs.
Diarrhea and abdominal pain can be due to some bacterial or viral infection of the type that suppress manufacturing of WBC and platelets or obstacle their function such as Typhoid which causes food poisonings

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