Q: Rising PSA test Levels Without Symptoms and Normal Biopsy, What causing the climb in numbers?

My fiancé’s last results over a span of 3 years (maybe a little longer) have gone from 2 to 8. He’s had a ultrasound and a biopsy and both were negative. He doesn’t have any symptoms. He’s 52.

His Dr. is recommending the more invasive biopsy and told him if it’s cancer then he’d have to have his prostate removed. Aren’t there treatments to try before something that drastic?

Could something else be causing the climb in numbers?

causing the climb in psa numbers

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  1. Answer:
    Prostate enlargement and inflammation (prostatitis) are the other common reasons of raised PSA.
    Digital rectal exam (DRE) and free prostate specific antigen (FPSA) test are the substitutes for biopsy and can help in distinguishing the reasons of raised PSA levels with or without symptoms.

    Please do free PSA test to calculate FPSA/TPSA ratio which help too much in predicting the need of biopsy or no/

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