Q: My Anti-dsDNA was positive at 13 but my ANA test came back negative, What does that mean?

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my first ana test came back positive at my physical but then when retested at specialist my ana came back negative but my anti-dsDNA came back positive at 13.

what does this mean?

thank you in advance for your time and help. -melissa

dsDNA positive 13 and negative of the rest of antibodies low aldolase
normal urine normal protein creatinine ratio normal creatine kinase

The answer:

In fact, the nature of such variable autoantibodies is heterogenic, which means that they recognize different conformational and sequential neo-epitopes, thus it can be possible to get Positive dsDNA antibodies while ANA was negative.

Also, ANA is positive in 95% of cases of SLE disease, so that it can be very rare if SLE patients get Negative SLE.

Test Sensitivity can be a real problematic factor so that it is much recommended for such a strange combination of results to retest and follow-up every period of time.

I think the diagnostic ANA titer for SLE patients must be rechecked in many laboratories depending on the sensitivity and specificity of the used method.

The results above show elevated dsDNA but with a very close number to the upper limit of the reference range, in my laboratory, I used to retest such close numbers to avoid false-positive results.

There are many diseases other than SLE that have positive dsDNA, such as antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, thymoma, lymphoma, sarcoidosis, and autoimmune hepatitis

lymphocyte count 58 and Neutrophils count 31

Q: Bloodwork lymphocyte count 58 and Neutrophils count 31, How concerning is that?

With a range of 20-40 for Auto Lymph. How concerning is 58.6. Usually, run 41.3 to 48 then back to 41.RDW is good.

Auto Neu is slight low at 31.6

can be a serious disease?


You describe Low neutrophils, absolute count, with high relative count of lymphocyte, it is not of severe or serious conditions, it can be a result of one or more of these causes:

  1. Attenuated fatigue or cough
  2. Improved fever
  3. Maintained lung capacity
    4.Improved respiratory infection
    5.Improved overall organs
free to total PSA Ratio Chart

Q: PSA Total 10.04 PSA Free 12.2, 68 years man, what do PSA results mean?

Have got theses results:

PSA ratio 1.2 ng/mL
PSA Total 10.04 ng/mL
PSA Free 12.2%
68 year old

What do PSA results mean?


We will calculate your free/total PSA ratio, which equals 1.2, when we look up your 1.2 in the below table, your age is 68 and ratio is over 0.25 which means your percent probability of finding prostate cancer in a needle biopsy is lower than 12%, which is a very low probability

Credit to www.mayocliniclabs.com

hope that helped.

Q: Blood test help I have lupus SLE that has attacked my kidneys

Can anyone help me with these test results?

I have lupus SLE that has attacked my kidneys in 2009, they came back to full function, but I believe I’m having the worst flare I’ve had since then. I can’t understand my blood and urine test.

Can anyone help


You can send your results to be explained, however, you should have a normal creatinine test and Negative dsDNA antibodies titre