What Does “Qualt” “qnt” “Quant”and “S” Letter Before a Blood Test Mean?


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What does “S” before blood test mean?

The “S” letter before any blood test stands for “serum”, the Serum of our blood is the liquid which all nutrients and blood cells swim inside, in the medical lab the technician can separate serum from other blood components by a techniques called “centrifugation”. Most lab tests done by utilizing the serum portion of the blood sample , therefore doctors used to add a “S” letter preceding the name of needed blood test.

What does it mean when a lab test contain the “Qnt”, or “Quant.”?

Both are the short form for the word “Quantitative”, Obviously, from the meaning of the word, the doctor may add this syllable before or after the name of the test to specify that the final result must be in numbers and not in the words “positive” and “negative”.

Examples of blood tests that added to “QNT” letters:

  1. S.BhCG Qnt., is a short form stands for Serum Beta Sub-Unit Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Quantitative, it’s the pregnancy hormone test but in numbers not just “Positive, and “Negative”.
  2. Quant. HCV RNA or Qnt. PCR for HCV RNA, it is the abbreviation for lab test that counting the viral units in the blood that belong to the Hepatitis C virus.

What does “Qualt.”, or “Qlt” near of a lab test mean?

Both stands for “Qualitative”, the word added to the lab test name to indicate that the doctor need the results as “Positive or Negative” and not in numbers.

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