Normal CBC values for a baby 9-12 month age

This is the normal reference ranges of blood cells count in CBC test for a baby who’s age are 9 months, 10 months, 11 months, and under age 1 year.
CBC test values in the below chart are according to universal hematological standards.
Note that:
PCV means packed cell volume and impact the volume of red blood cells only in a blood sample.

Unit Count
HB ratio g/dl 10.5-12.9
RBCs 10^6/ul 3.6-5.2
PCV % 35-43
MCV fl 74-106
MCH pg 21-33
MCHC g/dl 28-32
RETICS % of RBCs 0.2-2.0
PLT *10^3/ul 200-550
WBC *10^3/ul 6000-17500
Differential leucocytic count: Absolute values/ul Percentage %
BASO less than 170 0-1
EOSINO less than 1020 1-6
NEUTR 1500-8500 30-65
SEGM 30-60
LYMPH 3000-9500 40-70
MONO less than 1360 2-8

CBC test normal ranges for under 1 year age

Hemoglobin normal level for a baby under age 1 year is less than the normal values for adults and lesser than 3-9 months hemoglobin level.
Platelets count for under 1 year baby still as high as 550 thousand cells per cubic milliliter.
Total leukocytic count in a 1 year baby’s CBC test still show increased values and differential count usually show increase in lymphocytes which called lymphocytosis, nevertheless, in such age, lymphocytosis should be with normal morphology to be considered as normal,
3-9 months baby’s WBCs count is 10,000 which is lesser than 9-12 months count which is 17,500.
RDW% values may be elevated in baby’s CBC test without any disturbances in hemoglobin or RBC to be seen.
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