Q:Is there such a PSA zero?

Answer: The normal range for total PSA is 1 to 1.5, and any value below total PSA 4 ng/mL of blood is considered normal according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), therefore as low the PSA reading below 4.0 the healthier prostate gland and the lower the prostate cancer risk.

but lower than the lowest normal limit of reference range for total PSA (1.0) is uncommon and doesn’t associated with any known disease and doesn’t belong to any familiar medical condition at the moment of writing this explanation.

Recommendation: enjoy with your life your prostate is good, however if you feel pain in the anus or painful or bloody urination you must get examined carefully to make sure there’re nothing bad.

Dr.Megan Ralf

A Medical laboratory Scientist who devoted his life to medical and laboratory sciences, writes his everyday expertise dealing with various pathological conditions through laboratory diagnosis of different body fluids, also participating in many workshops for first aids, infection control, and urgent care. Also Dr Megan Ralf coaching many medical teams.

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