Why Does My Creatinine and Hemoglobin are abnormal all the time?

When both Serum creatinine result is elevated and blood Hemoglobin level is reduced: this case occurs when kidney function is impaired, i.e kidneys failed partially or completely to handle or remove waste products.

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But, why kidneys fail to do their tasks? any infection or injury can cause some sort of inflammation to kidneys integrity which lead to uncomplete removal of blood wastes, thus many abnormalities and complications may occur.

But, what the meaning of low hemoglobin (i.e. Anemia) when you getting a kidney disease? obviously, UREA in blood is raising due to inability of kidneys to remove them outside the bloodstream, therefore, excessive urea nitrogens in the blood (BUN) can cause hemolysis to Red Blood Cells, thus, Low count of RBCs causing Hgb levels to drop, thus lab science call this condition “Anemic”.

What Does Anemic Mean?

Hope this explanation to a popular case of kidney diseases is clear, and we are welcome sending your lab reports for free explanation and pro interpretation

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