Approved Normal Platelet Count by Age

Normal platelet count chart set by scientists who have studied the normal range of blood platelets in different parts of the world.
Blood samples of different ages have been used to determine the effect of age and sex on the normal level of platelets in our bloodstream.
There’re abnormal blood platelet counts is caused by cancers of bone marrow while other causes could be a result of errors in coagulation process of blood.
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Platelets Count Normal Range Chart by Age

Platelets count range chart according to age and gender:

  • Normal Platelet Count for Newborn infants
  • Platelet Normal Range in Child (176–452)
  • Platelets normal level for adult men (141–362)
  • Normal Platelet Count for female adults (156–405)
  • For old men normal platelets range (122–350) and, old women range (140–379).

Studies confirm these facts about platelet level in human blood:
Concentration of platelets in blood samples drawn from children ranging from 170 to 450.
Children and the elderly have fewer platelets compared to adult women and men.
counting blood platelets in adult women is greater than counting platelets in adult men.
The normal range of platelets in human blood is almost constant until the age of 14 in children, while it becomes stable in adulthood, while the normal range is lower in older persons of both sexes.
The normal range of platelets is about 30% lower in old age than in early childhood.

Visual chart of normal blood platelets levels by age and gender
Visual chart of normal blood platelets levels by age and gender

What does it mean when platelets count is normal in blood test?

The most approved stable blood platelet level is 140 – 450 for all ages and sexes, however some variations may exist.
These numbers mean:
A man of age 30 must have platelets count no less than 140 to avoid thrombocytopenia (lack of platelets in blood), however platelets shouldn’t exceed 370 to avoid thrombocytosis (over count of blood platelets.

Platelets count of a child in the age 6 and 7 years should be between (176–452) to be normal count and exclude thrombotic diseases related to platelets deficiency.
Normal Platelet Count for teenager 14 years must be a value from 176 to 452 to be considered healthy.
For instance: PLT count 400 is high count but still within preset normal levels.

What causes blood platelet to be normal in count and morphology?

when body has no disease affect the platelets count we must not see reduced count or elevated numbers, but some genetic diseases which is inherited by parent can revolve abnormal Plt count without obvious know disease.

Do morphological changes of platelets affect the counting?

Platelets are tiny small blood cells (1.5-3 μm) which is smaller than red blood cells, also normal blood cell count is by million while platelets is by thousands.

According too these science facts and by automatic counters:
Larger platelets in volume count as RBCs by mistake and results in lower Plt count than the real, while very small Platelets in volume and red blood cells fragments are falsely counted as excessive platelets over the real count.

Mean platelets volume is a parameter used by automatic cell counter to define the error in platelet counting process, read more details here> What is MPV Blood Test?

Also, other useful functions to know the normal platelets volumes are: platelets distribution width (PDW) and platelet large cell ratio (P-LCR), they used to make a clear distinction between hyperdestructive thrombocytopenia and hypoproductive thrombocytopenia,
More about PDW and P-LCR come next week, please follow us.

What to do to keep platelets count normal?

You should consume foods rich in vitamin B12 include beef, chicken liver, salmon, tuna, yogurt and turkey.
However folate-rich foods include beans. lentils, spinach, asparagus, avocado and beets.
Vit. B12 and folate supplements help raise low platelets count and help bone marrow to produce healthy adequate platelet count.

What diseases caused by abnormal platelets count?

Examples of such conditions include:

  • Thrombocytopenia caused by pregnancy is usually mild and improves soon after childbirth.
  • Immune thrombocytopenia.
  • Bacteria in the blood.
  • Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.
  • Hemolytic uremic syndrome.
  • Medications can reduce normal blood platelets.
  • High platelet counts seen in blood of those with a disease called reactive thrombocytosis or secondary thrombocythemia when it’s caused by an underlying condition, such as an infection.
  • Excessive bleeding time and prolonged clotting time are caused by inadequate platelet count.

I took a blood test and I have a high platelet count of 750,000, Do I have cancer?
Slightly high platelet count on blood test, should i concerned?
I have a platelet count of 124 for 3 years. I have all tests done, what could be a cause?
Platelet count of 119 what does this mean?
Is 455 bad or serious for a platelet count of a blood test?
Low platelet count (96), why?
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