CBC normal values for Adult male

Normal CBC test values that considered safe for age and sex of adult man.
Limits are according to universal guidelines.
CBC is a short for of “Complete Blood Count” which is a routine medical checkup test, CBC test show estimated counts of blood cells, CBC blood test useful for early detection of blood diseases and cancers.

Unit Count
HB g/dl 13.5-17.5
RBC 10^6/ul 4.5-5.9
HCT % 40-52
MCV fl 76-96
MCH pg 26-32
MCHC g/dl 33-37
RETICS % of RBCs 0.2-2.0
PLT *10^3/ul 150-400
WBC *10^3/ul 4000-11000
Differential leucocytic count: Absolute values/ul Percentage %
BASO less than 110 0-1
EOSINO less than 600 1-6
NEUTR 2000-8000 40-70
SEGM 40-70
LYMPH 1500-4000 20-45
MONO 80-880 2-8

What do my CBC test normal ranges mean?
Keys to understand man’s CBC test reference chart:

Man’s CBC normal Values

Reference values mean the safe limits which the man’s blood cells should count.
Many differences between normal chart for adult men CBC, Teenager female CBC, and Teenager male CBC.
High CBC count means abnormal production of new cells or interrupted elimination of old cells.
Low CBC count means slow production or absent of stem cells function.
Hb means hemoglobin level which useful to diagose anemia.
RBC means “Red Blood Cells Count”
HCT means “Hematocrit” or sometimes called PCV which is for “Packed red cells volume”
WBC is for white blood cells count and may be called “TLC” which is for Total leukocytic count.
Differential leukocytic count means the count of specialized WBCs which is differs in their morphology, function, and normal count for healthy conditions.

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