What does High Platelets Count Mean if I’ve uterine cancer? Can Uterine Cancer and Fibroids Affect The Platelets Count?

Uterine fibroids or what’s medically termed “Uterine myoma or leiomyomas” are kind of abnormal growth of muscles in the uterine lining but it’s benign not a cancer and yet has no known reason. Pain in pelvic area, back pain, and heavy irregular menstruation (Menorrhagia) are of early red flags. Fibroids developed in the womb have many consequences such as low hemoglobin level (Anemia), elevated platelets count (Reactive Thrombocytosis), and large blood clots during menstruation, that’s because the fibroids produce proteins that make the blood vessels bleed within the uterine (i.e. local venous drainage) while the body can’t keep the blood regularly flow, thus the localized blood clots formed.

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Causes of increased platelets count during uterine fibroids
Does platelets high count indicate uterine cancer?
When should you worry?

Can fibroids of the womb cause thrombocytosis?

Yes, fibroids usually cause high platelets count (thrombocytosis) and anemia (low hemoglobin) but it’s not necessarily for all cases with fibroids to complain from anemia and thrombocytosis, the platelets elevated due to reactive disease which is the fibroids not due to a primary disease of platelets, hence the elevated platelets level is medically named (reactive thrombocytosis due to fibroids).

Why do Womb Fibroids cause high platelets count?

Fibroid formation within the uterine leads to too much blood loss along with consumption of iron which lead to low hemoglobin level and reduction in the count of red blood cells (Anemia), therefore the bone marrow produces lesser number of normal RBCs and excessively produces platelets in absence of Iron that is needed for RBCs making, so that the early stages fibroids can result in abnormally high platelets count in CBC test.
As well as the produced RBCs during this condition is defected thus, they can’t work well, however blood can’t produce enough anticoagulants to keep pace with flow which promote abnormal blood liquefaction and lead to formation of blood clots that act as resistance for blood flow and result in increasing the size of the womb (enlargement of the uterine cavity).

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Are fibroids of uterine elevating or decreasing platelets?

In fewer cases they develop thrombocytopenia (low platelets) after prolonged uterine fibroids, the reason is obvious which is the excessive long-term consumption of platelets and other blood cells during the fibroid bleeding. i.e. in the first stages, fibroid may elevate platelets (thrombocytosis) but in the late stage the platelets are deplete leading to low platelets count in the CBC test (Thrombocytopenia).

That was how do fibroid affect platelets count?

Platelets high appear in my blood test results while my uterine has fibroids, is that bad or good? should I be worried?
Like fever when the body becomes ill, the elevated platelets count is one of symptoms and signs that may follow the growth of fibroids, which considered as one of complications as well. so that you should worry about treatment of fibroids rather than be concerned about the level of platelets.

What is the level of elevated platelets after fibroids in uterine?

Untreated Fibroids in the uterine can complicate to the degree of developing extreme count of platelets (e.g. more than 999,000), therefore, according to many scientific studies, the highest level of elevated platelets indicate the severity of fibroids formation.

How long do platelets remain elevated after removing the fibroid?

After surgical operation that remove the fibroid from the womb cavity, the platelets elevated as one of postoperative complications (e.g. thrombocytosis post-splenectomy), the elevation peaks within a weak or two after the operation and may remain high up to 2 months, then must back to the normal limit or the doctor may suspect that there’s another underlying disease that keep the platelets high in the blood count.

in uterine, illustration of fibroid types vs cancers

What is the Effect of Uterine Cancer on Platelets Level?

Below are some of frequently asked questions and their typical answers about the meaning of elevated platelets count in case of uterine cancer.
Did you know, how does a cancer detected in blood tests?
You may know what’s the effect of cancers on platelets count?

Can uterine cancer cause high platelet count?
Yes, cancer of the womb can elevate the platelets count above the normal limit in the blood count test (Thrombocytosis) because the tumor mass will lead to localized inflammation, and you may know that the inflammation starts with increasing platelets level then increasing white blood cells. Endometrial cancer is another medical name for uterine cancer.

What is elevated level of platelets during cancers in uterine, ovaries, and cervical cancers?
Some studies report that even the platelets result near the maximum end of normal (400,000) can indicate early onset of cancer. while platelets level up to 650,000 may be a marker of metastasis (i.e. spreading the cancerous cells outside the starter site).

How to tell if your elevated platelets count is due to uterine cancer?
If you have some or all of below symptoms, then you must get diagnosis if your uterine develop cancerous growth:

  1. Pelvic pressure or pain in the abdominal area.
  2. Frequent urination and difficulty emptying the bladder.
  3. Constipation.
  4. Backache or pain in legs.
  5. Menstrual periods lasting more than a week with Heavy menstrual bleeding.
    That was the best answer for what are the symptoms of a tumor in your uterus?

How does uterine cancer cause thrombocytosis?
Platelets elevated during the growth of uterine cancer due to:

  • Estrogen and/or Progesterone receptors on the surfaces of most endometrial cancer cells is a reputable marker that predict womb cancers.
  • Obesity is a risk factor of womb cancer but do not necessarily cause cancers.
  • Hormone imbalance can lead to uterine cancers if remain long-time without proper treatment, however, blood tests for female’s hormones may appear normal in the lab results even though the woman have hormonal imbalance.
  • untreated chronic infections.

When should I worry about increasing platelets if I’ve uterine fibroids or uterine cancer?

Some of health risks may include:

  • If the platelets level exceeds the critical limits (999,000) which need urgent surgical intervention.
  • If the womb become larger and the bleeding become heavier.
  • If the platelets count still elevated more than 2 months after the date of operation and no response to healing process.
  • A pap smear can’t detect uterine cancer.
  • The best test to diagnose endometrial cancer is CBC test which can detect anemia (low hemoglobin) and thrombocytosis (high platelets) which both with other symptoms can help diagnosis of uterine cancer.
  • Sed rate test may be elevated to indicate the condition is going chronic.

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