Is Bleeding Normal After teeth removed?


I got my wisdom teeth removed about 3-4 days ago and whenever I open my mouth a little too wide or brush my teeth (because i can t stand the way my mouth has been tasting and probably smelling too), i always see a little bit of blood in the back pockets. Is this normal? I’ve been using a teabag whenever there is any blood but I also just don t like bleeding because I m scared my stitches are torn or I might get an infection.


Bleeding after a tooth extraction is entirely normal. A pinkish tinted saliva and subtle oozing is fairly common during the first 36 hours. If bleeding gets excessive, control it by using dampened gauze pads and biting down to keep pressure on the area.

A certain amount of bleeding is to be expected following surgery. It is normal to experience blood-tinged saliva a few days after surgery, as well as slight oozing after eating or brushing your teeth. To resolve this, we recommend warm salt water rinses.

  1. If you still notice bleeding, do not rinse your mouth, but place a new clean, damp gauze and bite down firmly for another 20 min.
  2. Do not chew on the cotton roll.
  3. Do not suck on the extraction site.
  4. If bleeding won’t stop, moisten a tea bag with tap water bite down on it for 30 minutes.

See the blood test used to monitor bleeding> High prothrombin time and inr

Remember having an increased pain on day 5-7 is not uncommon. To avoid dislodging the blood clot from the extraction site avoid rinsing your mouth, spitting, smoking or using straws with the first 24 hours after extraction. Smoking should be avoided for at least 10 days to reduce risk of postoperative complications

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