Elevated PSA (High PSA levels 10,12,14,25,100), does it mean a cancer?

If you want to be a prostate cancer survival, just learn the meaning of elevated PSA levels and how to deal with them carefully to lower the time of waiting and monitoring the cancer, get your prostate to a workable level and safe your life.
PSA is just a blood test that shows that a specific agent is present in your blood, PSA is one of the best early tumor marker till now, it comes up with accurate results. see more blood tests for cancer
By reading the next paragraphs you must be able to recognize What is elevated PSA levels? and What does it mean? How to differentiate between elevated PSA by Prostatitis and High PSA by BPH or Adenocarcinoma.

High Elevated PSA Levels Chart

  1. The meaning of borderline PSA results:

Moderate risk for cancer can be shown at any PSA level over 4, that’s why PSA never be made as a diagnostic test for prostate cancer, but to identify men in whom a prostate biopsy would be appropriate.
The PSA values over 10 is a moderate cancer marker and moderate indicator of prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, or hepatitis A, the presence of an indwelling catheter can come with slightly elevated PSA results too. So that elevated PSA can be in many prostate diseases. Usually prostate enlarged when PSA is highly elevated, but borderline PSA and Slightly increased PSA show a normal sized prostate, diagnosis is confirmed only after biopsy report (Benign or Malignant).
Level of PSA means the chances of prostate cancer
When prostate feels normal on examination of a man rectum and PSA result is lower than 4.0, there’s a 15% chance of having prostate cancer. While men got a PSA between four and 10 there’s a 25% chance of having prostate cancer and if PSA result is higher than 10, the risk increases up to 70%, and so on.
What is meaning of elevated PSA levels and no cancer?
Rigorous activities such as riding bicycles can result in grey PSA counts 4, 5, etc. or slightly high PSA results such as 10.5, 11, or 12. After examination of rectum the PSA levels show a bit higher than normal, after catheter in men PSA come up with increased counts, after prostate surgery it’s common to see elevated levels for a period.
2. The meaning of moderate elevated PSA
Does high PSA test results means cancer or not?
In other queries, what is a high PSA level for prostate cancer?, does a high PSA always mean cancer?
Studies told us that elevated PSA does always mean a prostate malignancy and here is:
A PSA levels chart against Free PSA percentages:
High PSA total and high PSA free mean either abnormally produced (complexed PSA) or the normally produced Free PSA. But the facts tell us the free PSA is the benign form produced by the prostate gland cells and exists in the blood circulation in a very low amount, thus the increase in both free and total may be due to cancer or another abnormality in production excretion functions as in BPH.
High PSA total and normal PSA free mean the increase in total PSA is from increased complexed PSA. Very likely to predict prostate cancer.
Low PSA total and low Free PSA together mean; you are on treatment from a cancer or have a cancer which preventing the production function of prostate cells.
Borderline PSA total and borderline PSA free, mean a suspicion of cancer at early stage or just an inflammation can go away with a course of medication.
What does it mean when PSA level 12 or 14? is it high?
As PSA level 10 is the baseline of PSA blood test results, any value over 10 is considered suspicious and need another confirmation by a blood test named “Free PSA”, then DRE, then the doctor has to decide whether to wait and watch the PSA levels until it back to normal range or decide to take a prostate biopsy.
If the results show a higher free PSA percentage means that the PSA elevation is due to benign tumor of prostate gland not a cancer.
Similarly, with PSA 16 it’s a marker of prostatitis than a marker of cancer unless the values increases steadily and the Free PSA is reduced.
Total PSA is 25, is it a cancer in my prostate?
As all studies said, PSA level 25 means a strong cancer marker but no further decisions until the biopsy confirm that. Note that, free PSA test at such levels of total PSA will not be as useful as the biopsy process.elevated psa levels meaning

       3. The meaning of Very highly Elevated PSA

PSA 1000, is it possible, does it mean the man’s death?
First you have to confirm the lab result when it is above the normal limits.
PSA levels 100+. Often show when Patients have advanced or metastatic prostate cancer.
Very high PSA level usually mean strong indicator of multinodular prostate cancer and removal after biopsy.
What is the PSA level to remove prostate?
Prostate cancer removal depends on the pathological report of a biopsy taken from your prostate gland to decide the extension, shape, volume, and properties of the suspected cancerous cells, PSA are only used to monitor the progress of suspicious cells, then decide a biopsy procedure. However, highly elevated PSA total with low free PSA levels is a strong prostate cancer marker and a result required fast medical decision.
Elevated High PSA after prostatectomy?
A careful handling of PSA values after prostate removal is must,
after prostatectomy you must wait for about six weeks to take a blood PSA test, because PSA levels are commonly show elevated after surgery, but it’s a false PSA result, however repeating the test after some weeks can declare if it’s just false or it may a cause of incomplete surgery or dangerous remnants of cancer cell.
Now I think you understanding what does a high PSA test mean?
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