10 Reasons Why Blood in Urine Of Elder Men

What is the common causes of hematuria for man older than 40 years?
Common causes in men younger than 40 years are kidney stones or urinary tract infections.
See full explanation of young man bloody urine.
Along with stones and UTI in older people, but cancers of the kidney, bladder, and prostate become a more common concern in people older than 40 years of age.
Pain is usually in lower back or in the penis area. sometimes older men feeling no pain hematuria.
Recommended tests are PSA test for prostate cancers, complete urine analysis for UTI and crystals detection, and Ultrasound on the pelvis for stones measurement.
Coumadin/warfarin patients are vulnerable to get bloody urine as well as people infected with viral hepatitis viruses if severed Prothrombin time and INR is recommended for follow up.
Evaluation of the blood source by urinalysis.
Urinalysis of “three glasses test”:
Glass one: inititation of urine stream
Hematuria in glass 1 only suggests urethral source of blood in urine
Glass two: Midstream urine
Hematuria in  all glasses suggests bladder or renal sources of bloody urine.
Glass three: End of urine stream
Hematuria in Glass 3 only suggests prostate source of urinary bleeding.
bloody urine in men
Here is a list of  common reasons of blood in men’s urine with pain and if no pain.

  1. Renal calculi: cause visible blood clots with back pain and difficult urination.
  2. Inflammation of the kidney filtration system cause bloody urine confirmed by high creatinine level in blood.
  3. The infection of the kidney which result in urinary blood cells and proteinuria.
  4. Tumors of urinary tract organs cause visible blood in urine and microscopic RBCs.
  5. Trauma to external sex organs which cause bleeding in urine.
  6. Exposure to toxic chemicals cause blood cells in urine due to lysis of blood cells.
  7. Patients on Anticoagulants therapy may see bleeding in the urine and nose.
  8. Sexually transmitted infections in men causes bloody urine.
  9. Severe burns
  10. Brown recluse spider bites.
  11. Passing urine after waking up, urine are accumulated and concentrated all the night.
  12. Urination after holding urine for long period.
  13. Having meals of foods cause urine pigmentation like beets.

A full list contain:
Detailed reasons of blood in urine.
Why men have bloody urine?
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