CBC normal values for children 6-12 years old

Normal CBC test values for children under age 12, explain the limits which any child’s CBC must show a number from between, otherwise the counts considered abnormal and needed for a medical action, All values are standardized according to universal guidelines for complete blood cells count test.

RETICS% of RBCs0.2-2.0 
Differential leucocytic count:Absolute values/ulPercentage %
BASO less than 1100-1
EOSINO less than 5001-6
NEUTR 1800-750040-70
STAFF  0-5
SEGM  40-70
LYMPH 1000-350020-45
MONO 80-8802-8

What is the meaning of my child’s CBC test results?

According to standard values for age 6-12 years old:

Normal CBC limits for kid's under 12 

Hemoglobin value normally must be between 11.5 and 15.5 gram per deciliter of blood.
Red blood cells count must not exceed 5.2 million cells per microliter blood and cannot decreased to less than 4.0 million cells.

When overcount of RBCs, PCV, and hemoglobin seen, it called “polycythemia.
When HCT, RBCs, Hgb declined under normal counts, we called “anemia”, which means “less blood” and requires more enhancements and supplementation to the blood.

WBCs count normal limits narrowed by 500 cells for each microliter blood in both upper and two limits when compared to 2-6 years CBC test.

Leukemias are popular to be seen in such age, general medical checkup each 6 months is preferred for early diagnosis of blood diseases in kids.

Platelets normal limits are 150 and 450 thousand cells per microliter blood, Also platelets disorders usually seen in such age, especially for those have an inherited disease called “hemophilia” which become symptomatic earlier.

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