What tests should be done? great testing list

The complete list of all investigation tests categorized into profiles to help doctors and patients as well to easily investigate which disease or disorder they suffer from, combined testing profiles of blood sample and other specimens help better diagnosis and decrease the prognosis and wrong diagnosis.

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General Check up Profile

  1. Complete Blood Count test
  2. E S R test
  3. Fasting Blood Sugar test
  4. Cholesterol test
  5. Triglycerides test
  6. HDL test
  7. LDL test
  8. Urea test
  9. Creatinine test
  10. Uric Acid test
  11. SGOT test
  12. SGPT test
  13. Urine test
  14. Stool test

Diabetes Profile tests

  1. Fasting Blood Sugar test
  2. Glucose Post Prandia test
  3. Glucose Tolerance test

Lipid Profile tests

  1.  Cholesterol test
  2. Triglyceride test
  3. HDL test
  4. LDL test

Kidney Function Profile tests

  1. Urea test
  2. Creatinine test
  3. Uric Acid test
  4. Sodium test
  5. Potassium test

Liver Function Profile tests

  1. Bilirubin test
  2. SGOT, SGPT, GGT test
  3. Alkaline Phosphatase test
  4. Total Protein test
  5. Albumin test
  6. A/G ratio test
  7. Prothrombin Time test

Cardiac Profile tests

  1. Troponin I, T test
  2. CK, MB test
  3. CK(Total) test
  4. SGOT test
  5. LDH test
  6. Myoglobin test

Osteoporosis disorders tests

  1. Calcium (Total, Ionized) test
  2. Urinary Calcium test
  3. Alkaline Phosphatase test
  4. Para Thyroid Hormone test

Rheumatology, autoimmune diseases tests

  1. ESR test
  2. CRP test
  3. RF test
  4. Uric Acid test
  5. ANA test
  6. Anti DNA test
  7. C3 test
  8. C4 test

Anemia Screen tests

  1. CBC test
  2. Reticulocytic Count test

Different types of anemia has different investigation profiles: test

  • Anemia Investigations tests: 

Normocytic Anemia: Reticulocyte count test
Macrocytic Anemia: test
Megaloblastic Anemia (VB12, Folate) test
Others: Liver Function tests test
Microcytic Anemia: Serum Iron TIBC, Ferritin test

Hemolytic Profile tests 
Blood tests used to investigate the reasons of blood hemolysis

  1. Bilirubin test
  2. Hemoglobin Electrophoresis test
  3. Coomb’s test
  4. G6PD test
  5. Pyruvate Kinase test
  6. Osmotic Fragility test

Leukemia Profile tests

  1. CBC, Blood Film test
  2. Bone Marrow Aspiration test
  3. Philadelphia Chromosome test

Haemostatic Screen tests

  1. Bleeding Time test
  2. Clotting Time test
  3. Prothrombin Time(PT) test
  4. Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) test
  5. Platelet Count &Morphology test
  6. Capillary Fragility test
  7. Fibrinogen test

Blood Hormones tests

  • Thyroid function tests 
  1. Total T3 hormone (T3) test
  2. Total T4 Hormone (T4) test
  3. Free T3 hormone (FT3) test
  4. Free T4 hormone (FT4) test
  5. TSH Hormone test
  • Parathyroid function tests 
  1. PTH test
  2. Ionized Calcium test

Infertility investigation tests for male 

  1. Semen analysis test
  2. FSH, LH, Prolactin hormones for men test
  3. Testosterone (E2) test

Infertility investigation tests for Female 

  1. FSH hormone
  2. LH hormone
  3. Prolactin hormone test for women 
  4. Progesterone hormone test
  5. Testosterone hormone test

Hirsutism investigation tests:
lab tests for investigating excess of hair in specific regions in women body

  1. FSH hormone 
  2. LH hormone 
  3. Testosterone hormone test
  4. 17, OH Progesterone test

Short Stature & Acromegaly investigation tests:

  1. Growth Hormone test
  2. Growth Stimulation by Clonidine & Insulin IGF, IGF, BP test

Virology tests and STD disease
Rubella: IgM&IgG test
CMV: IgM&IgG test
HSV(1), HSV(2):IgM&IgG test

Hepatitis lab tests: 
after testing blood sample for liver enzymes are high results.

  1. Hepatitis A virus test (IgM, IgG) 
  2. Hepatitis B virus test (IgM, IgG) 
  3. Hepatitis B virus tests for antigens (HBsAg, HBsAb, HbeAg, HBeAb) 
  4. Hepatitis C virus test (IgM, IgG) 

Parasitology tests and investigations: 

  1. Stool Examination test
  2. Toxoplasmosis: IgM, IgG tests 

Microbiology tests
Direct Examination test
Culture&Sensitivity test
Tuberculosis:Acid, Fast Bacilli test
Tuberculosis Culture test

Fever investigation tests: test

  • Typhoid tests for Salmonella Ab. test

Widal Test, Stool&Blood Culture test

  • Tests to investigate Brucella test

Right Test , Blood Culture test

  • Fever of unknown origin tests
  1. CRP CBC, ESR, CRP tests test
  2. Stool and Urine Examination test
  3. Culture, Blood Culture, Widal test
  4. Right Test test
  5. ANA test

Chronic Diarrhea investigation tests

  1. Stool and Urine Examination test
  2. Stool Fat test
  3. D-Xylose test

Repeated Abortion test
Infection TORCH tests which including the following tests:
Toxoplasma, Rubella, CMV, HSV tests.

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