What tests should be done during Pregnancy?

Each pregnant woman must seek to complete a full course of her pregnancy safely and securely for their health and the health of and her unborn child, should not be interrupted

Visit a specialist doctor on a regular basis in order to be assured on the condition and status of the fetus.
During these regular visits to the doctor inquired him about all the concerned, and focus their attention and make sure you understand the answers or tips that dictated by, and must not be neglected any examination or analysis recommended by your doctor to do.

Analyzes of pregnancy is categorized into two types:
The first is the analysis routine, which requires every pregnant woman, which include analyzes of urine to test for the presence of sugar, as well as the analysis of proteins to make sure that your kidneys are working efficiently, and to detect the presence of any type of bacteria or pus.

The second type of analysis is conducted in certain circumstances, or in cases of doubt the existence of a genetic disease, or the presence of something unusual, and most of these analyzes the importance and preferably conduct is to analyze Toxoplasmosis, an infection transmitted to humans through light meat or through cat litter, and despite that these infections do not cause concern in normal cases, they become extremely dangerous if hit by a pregnant woman and moved to the fetus.

There is also a Rubella analysis which shows whether the pregnant antibodies sufficient or not, in order to protect them from German measles, a disease that has a deep impact damage to the fetus if the mother hit him.

It is also necessary to conduct the triple tests analysis, which is between the fifteenth week of pregnancy to detect the presence of any spinal deformity of the fetus, or being infected with Down syndrome, and some disadvantages of other chromosomes.

On the other hand should a pregnant woman in case you have problems allergic, to mention any types of allergies afflicting especially if they are allergic to certain medications, and honest with her doctor if you smoke, or exercise any kind of sport, or if it is exposed to abortions or more, as well as the surgeries that she underwent, and diseases that hit them.

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