What Do Testosterone Blood Test Results Mean?

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Testosterone is one of human hormones produced testicles. Both men and women have testosterone hormone but males have much higher levels of testosterone than females. the highest testosterone production occurs during puberty, and due to natural aging after age 30 it starts to slowly dip naturally at a rate of around 1 percent per year.

Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

Because testosterone regulate so many functions inside our bodies, its decrease can bring about significant changes for physical and emotional functions as well.

As you have known T usually used as a short for testosterone, The principal male sex hormone, however woman also have a small quantity of testosterone, here we will show you the meaning of Low T Levels by age, sex, and race.

Have to read carefully if you a man who experience a decrease in libido or in simple words doesn’t feel attraction to your girl’s body, or has fewer spontaneous erections when go to intimacy, or you has a slightly lower sperm count in semen analysis.


What does low testosterone and Hypogonadism mean?

The medical terms for Low testosterone levels is: Hypogonadism, or testosteronemia.

Hypo- letters stand for low or reduced function, -gonadism stands for “related to gonads”, gonads are the human sex glands, the testicles in men and ovaries in woman.

Low T may come from a problem in testicles, then doctors call it “primary hypogonadism”.

Why a man has Low testosterone level?

Many diseases can cause reduction in testosterone production and show low testosterone test results, including:

pituitary gland tumors, HIV infection, and radiation treatment or chemotherapy for cancer.

Common causes of Low T are further classified by age:

Men in 20’s of age:

ِA male 20 years old has a roaring sex drive by nature that’s because testosterone peaks at 20’s, but some young men dwindled down and have a very low libido even it doesn’t exist at sometimes, also penis unable to erect effectively “erectile dysfunction” after sexual stimulation and sexual arousal.

Low T man experience decreased muscle mass and fatigue lead to low capability to cope with the daily life, therefore his mood become unstable because of Low hormone level.

Erectile dysfunction include men who can’t erect at all or erect for a short period that’s not enough to complete sexual intercourse, also continuous short erection-demolition is one of ED manifestations when a male’s penis can’t stay erectile at insertion.

young youth may give up masturbation for weeks without any sexual desire or weak desire that is not enough to have a firm erection with a girl.

Impotence Remedies: take over the counter herbs for libido and lipido-boosting-foods may not solve the problem.

trying ginseng, multi vitamins, bee pollen honey, garlic supplements may also bring very little results to fix testosterone reduction.

At my age low testosterone isn’t normal but is it possible? I did have testicular surgery when I was 12 but the lump that was there is gone, and that was many years ago. The surgery worked and I had sex drive after that. libido starting dropping was a pain in the back of my head while masturbating

Low testosterone in 30′

A problem like break up with a girl can lead to low lipido as the boy may say she tores my heart out and can’t live without her, or going directly to watching ugly porn videos.

A young man about 25 years old and when dating women when sex life was doomed, experience many erection and performance problems, taking viagra and cialis crappies (sildnafil product) help in erection although has many terrible side effects.

Viagra: it’s terrible stuff. I try to avoid pharmeceuticals as it is. I noticed I would get terrible migraines and an occasional blurred vision which truly was scary…Sure the erection was great but the side effects blew.

Over 50 years old men:

How do you fix low testosterone?

  • 9 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels
  • Lose Weight. …
  • High-Intensity Exercise like Peak Fitness (Especially Combined with Intermittent Fasting) …
  • Consume Plenty of Zinc. …
  • Strength Training. …
  • Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels. …
  • Reduce Stress. …
  • Limit or Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet. …
  • Eat Healthy Fats.

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