TSH Normal Range by Age Thyroid Levels chart (Tsh Levels Chart)

Come here to know, what are normal TSH levels, safe TSH ranges, and what does Normal TSH level mean in your blood test?
TSH is the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, initial thyroid function marker.
Factors cause normal shift in TSH reference ranges
The normal reference ranges for TSH blood test levels go up and down slightly as the human grow older and has a small shift for pregnant:
Small variations in TSH ranges can occur due to different laboratory methods used and the time of day your blood TSH test was taken.
What is a normal TSH level?
Normal TSH level means the TSH blood test values and numbers that studies in people with healthy thyroid function tests.
Normal levels of tsh test is an indicator of a healthy thyroid gland, which means no hypothyroidism with these numbers, and no cancer with these numbers as well, although a case called “Euthyroid” shows normal TSH levels with unreal/untrue high thyroid hormone levels.
Normal TSH levels for the average adult is from 0.4 4.5 mIU/L
mIU/L means milli international units per liter of blood, a measurement unit for tsh 3rd generation normal ranges.
TSH normal values from zero to 2.5 is optimal.
TSH test results from 2.6 to 4.0 is at risk.
Goal TSH level for patients on thyroxine is between 0.5 to 2.5 mU/L.

TSH Normal Levels chart by age

Normal TSH levels for children
For premature birth (newborn 28-36 weeks) is 0.7 27 mIU/L
Normal TSH level for age 1 day – 1 week is 1.0 – 40.0 mIU/mL
Normal TSH level for age 2 weeks – 1 month is 1.7 – 9.1 mIU/mL
Normal TSH level for age 2 months – 1 year is 0.8 – 6.4 mIU/mL
Normal TSH level for age 2 years – 5 years is 0.7 – 5.4 mIU/mL
Normal TSH level for age 6 years – 10 years is 0.53 – 5.3 mIU/mL
Normal TSH level for age 11 years – 18 years is 0.5 – 5.0 mIU/mL
Chart of normal TSH levels for adult man and adult non-pregnant woman
Age 21 54 years is 0.4 4.2 mIU/LTSH normal ranges
Age 55 87 years is 0.5 8.9 mIU/L
Chart of TSH normal levels during pregnancy
First trimester normal TSH is 0.1 – 2.5 mIU/L
Second trimester normal TSH is 0.2 – 3.0 mIU/L
Third trimester normal level of TSH is 0.3 – 3.0 mIU/L
TSH is the most well-studied marker for thyroid function evaluation.
TSH is considered the most sensitive and accurate indicator of thyroid function by most endocrinologists and other doctors.
TSH normal reference ranges are from the American Thyroid Association and published in the journal Thyroid.
Also, some thyroid testing kits may recommend another normal reference.
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