Q: I ask, how can someone have HIV disease without sperm ejaculation?

My name is Hellen

I just want to ask a question how can someone have HIV disease?

Is it when you have unprotected sex and the male releases his sperm inside the woman, or even without the release of sperm into the woman, just sex without condoms, can it make a lady contact HIV?

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex together so I don’t know if I have HIV because he did not release sperm inside me either am just scared pls help me

Dr.Megan Ralf

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  1. Before answering this question, there’re some facts:

    1. Semen and seminal fluids are the dominant carriers of HIV.
    2. If a person have HIV AIDS virus, the virus can be spread into any part of the body and interacting with any substance, also the AIDS virus still can be circulating in the blood stream.
    3. Untreated AIDS patient would more infectious.
    4. If a person infected with HIV have another urinary tract infection, the virus will be more involved inside his body organs.
    5. According to many publications out there, the HIV virus can bind to male sperms and thus it will able to pass the virus to vulnerable white blood cells of vaginal and anal tissues. However, men did vasectomies still can spread HIV to their partners.

    Based on all above facts:
    1. There’s no medical opinion that can tell you’re not vulnerable to AIDS if you didn’t get semen inside your vagina.
    2. The best solutions is to don’t have sex with Untreated AIDS person, or use protection tools like condoms and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).
    3. The best method to know if you get infected from HIV-infected partner is to do HIV 0,1,2 test.

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