Q: High LDH for years without a clear cause, what could that be?

Original question:

This has been high for a good 3 – 4 years now and even though I mention it to GP he doesn’t seem concerned ???, It even says Abnormal, need to speak to the doctor on the lab results at the top.

The answers:

The results show increased LDH test level, which can indicate many things from chronic inflammations, blood cells damages, tissue damages, and even tumors and cancers, and therefore it would be more than better if you got full checks to make it clearer and narrow the best diagnosis.

Another important notice is that:
Although the LDH values alone don’t indicate any specific disease, the different tissues have different LDH isoenzyme compositions.

  • The LDH-1 isoenzyme is found predominately in cardiac muscle,
  • LDH-2 is found primarily in the reticuloendothelial system,
  • LDH-3 predominates in the lungs,
  • LDH-4 in the kidneys
  • LDH-5 in the liver and skeletal muscle.

It would be so useful if you test for that isoenzymes to determine what is the source of tissue damage that leads to elevated LDH.

Other causes of unexplained high LDH may include: high LDH along with high CRP can predict inflammation, untreated bacterial or viral diseases also can explain why the LDH was increased, if the CBC test shows hemolytic anemia or blood tumor it can be a very clear explanation of chronic elevated LDH.

Therefore, I recommend a full body check with full blood investigations.

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