No idea what’s causing my symptoms.

Female, aged 40

Upper abdominal pain, tenderness & swelling, mid back pain, protruding, very painful lower ribs, tachycardia for 2 years, then a brief episode of extreme chest pain, now the tachycardia has gone, heat intolerance, sudden overheating, but actually a very low body temperature, excessive sweating of the neck, flushing, painful knees & hips, headaches, acid reflux, very low hrv, bouts of afib with borderline bradycardia, yellow floaters in vision, recurrent uti’s & kidney stones, numbness & tingling in fingers & upper arms, clicking wrists, palpitations, chest pains, such heavy & constant periods that I was put on continuous birth control 6 years ago.

massively vitamin d deficient, and previously anaemic, now on folic acid & ferrous fumerate

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