Is there a Free DNA test service and kits really with no test cost?

No doubt that paid health services are the more accurate and trustful, but many websites out there mention about FREE DNA TEST, How can DNA testing be free? and how can father, mother, and children trust results based on free DNA testing?

The facts are: The fee for testing three people (two adults and one child) is currently £252 according to NHS services.

that there are several avenues for a father to go through in order to have a DNA test performed to prove paternity. One way is to request the court to conduct the test in order to establish paternity of a child. Another way is to investigate the internet to see if there are any local programs that provide funding for paternity tests.

I will try to give close perspective about free DNA testing services and kits with emphasis on how trustworthy they are?
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Dr.Megan Ralf

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