My 7 years daughter had ASO titre 1070 & knee pain for past 2 weeks

ram said…

For my daughter had knee pain for past 2 weeks her age is 7. , we went to neuro specialist he asked us to take ASO and RA Factor Test and asked us to see a pediatrician. ASO titre is 1071 RA is Negative We went to our pediatrician he started azithrol and asked us to see Rheumatologist The Dr which we seen before (neuro) asked to see a cardiologist immediately. What we have to do.

Admin said…

Hello RAM,
ASO=1070 is very high,
You must know that:
ASO stands for the concentration of microbe that cause inflammation of tonsils, when the microbe exist in high concentration “as in case of your daughter”; We fear that up to the heart after it has consumed tonsil’s ability to resist.
Rheumatic fever has 5 major and 6 minor signs and Symptoms, must existence of two major sign and at least two minor in order to Diagnose  the case as rheumatic fever along with an evidence of infection which is very high ASO titreMajor signs
1-an inflammation of the joints {not} joints pain
2-Inflammation of the heart
3-Swelling under the skin
4. Purple color rash
5 Involuntary movements
Minor signs
1. Body is hot (high temperature)
2. Rapid heart rate
3-pallor due to exhausted body or developed anemia.
4. joints pain due to inflammation not just traumatic pain.
5-bleeding from the nose
Medical tests
Very high ASOT more than 800 mg/dl
High ESR more than 100 mm/hr
CRP high and up to 48 or more
WBC over 11.5 *10^9/L (normal up to 11.0 *10^9/L)
Neutrophile count over 9.0 *10^9/L (Normal up to 8.5 *10^9/L)While Sedimentation rate is brought high by dozens of reasons including anemia and any inflammation in the body and even the simple tonsillitis.

You are advised to follow-up with a doctor who specializes in heart disease (cardiologist).

May be required for subsequent analysis such as CRP and sedimentation rate (ESR),
Long-term treatment with antibiotics
and surgery to remove tonsils are the choices
Do not forget to read the complete explanation about ASOT and Tonsillitis:

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