Do Vigorous Exercises Cause High PSA?

I’m 71 years old. A very active 71. I’m in training for a 10 mile race in May. Recently I had a bunch of blood test done. The day of the tests I ran the 3.5 miles to the local Quest Labs. The PSA came back as a 7.0. Could this have been caused by my running. My typical training week at this point is running about 10 miles a week. Two days of strength training and one day of bike riding for about 10 miles. Can all of this effect the PSA test.

Do Vigorous Exercises Cause High PSA?
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Do Vigorous Exercises Cause High PSA?

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  1. Things That Cause False High PSA Levels, and you must avoid them before testing:
    1. Vigorous exercise and athletic activities that stimulate your the prostate, that include bike riding, motorcycling, and riding a horse, ATV, or tractor.
    2. Getting a prostate massage for 48 hours before your PSA test.
    3. Sexual activity that involves ejaculation, must be avoided for 48 hours before PSA test.
    4. Following procedures on prostate itself: prostate biopsy, transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) for BPH, urethral catheter, or cystoscopy. You must wait 6 weeks before testing for PSA level.
    5. A bacterial infection in the urinary tract (UTI), so that you must complete an antibiotic course and wait few weeks before getting PSA test.

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