CBC normal values for neonates 1-3 days after birth

Complete blood count normal ranges for neonates after 1-3 days of birthday
All blood cells count have higher values when compared with adult normal CBC values which due to increased hematopoeitc manufacturing of blood cells in newborn babies, however, a slight change from CBC birth values have seen.
Hemoglobin value from 15.0-20.0 g/dl is not a serious condition since it is within normal limits for low age of neonates.

Unit 1-3 days
HB g/dl 15.0-21.0  
RBC 10^6/ul 4.0-6.6  
HCT % 45-67  
MCV fl 92-118  
MCH pg 31-37  
MCHC g/dl 29-37  
RETICS % of RBCs 0.5-3.5  
PLT *10^3/ul 210-500  
WBC *10^3/ul 7000-23000  
Differential leucocytic count: Absolute values/ul Percentage %
BASO less than 210 0-1
EOSINO less than 840 1-6
NEUTR 1500-10000 30-65
STAFF less than 1000 0-5
SEGM 1500-7000 30-60
LYMPH 2000-17000 40-70
MONO less than 1890 2-8

Note that there are slight changes from newborn CBC normal values than 1-3 days normal CBC values, which useful for differential diagnosis of medical conditions such as neonates anemia and neonates hemolytic disorders.

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