All Types of Abortion and How Does an Abortion Work?

Real abortion stories from women and medical staff.

What is the positive side of abortion?

If you are in a debate how will you defend your side that abortion has a positive side?
While there are a lot of negative answers here, there are positive reasons why abortions should be legal.
1. It gives the woman choice – women have fought for the right to have choice over their own bodies.
Victims of rape before the morning after pill was available or in abusive relationships where there is a high risk to the child of abuse. It has emancipated women from control by a male dominated society by giving them control over their bodies.
2. Financial – where a woman cannot afford to support the child and would be dependent on society to raise the child financially
3. Population control and family planning – while not the best argument for, it is a valid one as the number of unwanted pregnancies has dropped.
4. Reduced risk to women – before abortions were legalised, there were a high number of ‘back street’ clinics/abortionists who would carry out abortions without training, appropriate equipment and poor hygiene which led to high risk of mortality in women as well as foetuses. At least this way the mother’s health is relatively safe.
5. Probably the most controversial is the reduction of births of children with serious medical or physical disabilities. While many people will frown upon this argument, the cost emotionally and financially of raising a child with severe disabilities is hard to the family and society.

There are also situations where a baby has little chance of survival after birth due to a congenital abnormality and the psychological impact of giving birth to a child who will die immediately following birth could be seen as more damaging than allowing a woman to choose to have an abortion.
I expect that I will get loads of thumbs down for this but quite frankly I don’t care. You have asked a question and I have answered it as well as I can. For the record I am also 40 weeks pregnant
What happens during the abortion process ?
one of my close friends is getting an abortion and shes very scared. she doesn’t not know what is going to happen since it is her first time.
would she be put to sleep during the abortion, or would she be awake ? please tell me what goes on during an abortion
the week she plans to get an abortion is 2 days after a month being into pregnancy
well, a month and 2 days
Doctor answer:
Your friend should ask (or know) the following questions to be able to find out what will happen. An abortion is done differently depending how far you are in the pregnancy.
You need to have that information to find out what will happen. You can either be awake or asleep. Most people I know said it is better to be asleep. Go to a library and look at a copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”.
That book has an entire section on abortion. If she chooses to be asleep she MUST have someone to bring you home after the procedure.
Don’t listen to people on this site who won’t answer your question directly. Some people feel abortion is murder and some do not.
Your friend has to make up her mind about her future. However, an abortion is not a pleasant experience. She should be prepared to feel shaken up, sad etc. It’s her life.
What happens 9 months after a abortion?
I know a girl and she confessed to me that she had an abortion the thing is that was a couple of months ago and she said she would be 7 months pregnant so now it would be 9 months and she has started to act a bit strange for instance she has convinced the smallest boy in our year to call her mum and keeps on squeezing peoples cheeks like you would a small child, also she is complaining about stabbing pains in her breasts.
Also I really care about this girl and I was wondering if their is anything I could do to help her as I don’t know what to do.
Physically, nothing happens 9 months after an abortion. The body usually returns to ‘normal’ after a few months and the woman will be having periods again.
Psychologically, some women are affected at the time the child would be born (usually around 7 months after the abortion) and for some time afterwards.
It sounds like the girl you know is either attention seeking or suffering guilt and other emotions associated wih the loss of the child. She won’t experience any physical symptoms related to pregnancy or childbirth at this stage. If I were you I would offer an ear, and suggest she sees a counselor.

Twins abortion
How long should I wait in between abortions?
I’ve had a cheating problem since before we married, but I did decide to go through with one pregnancy and luckily the child WAS my husband’s, with whom I am currently separated and in the process of divorce.
We’re discussing me signing over custody of our child to him provided I don’t have to pay to support it.
Also, he’s loaded so I’m going to walk away single and quite well off financially.
So it’s time to party it up, but I’m worried about my ovaries.
I’ve had a couple of abortions already and I must be very fertile because I can get pregnant just be being looked at, I swear.
I also don’t want to take birth control because I when I did try it I ballooned to almost 120lbs.
I’m scared to get surgery so I don’t want to get my tubes tied.
Condoms just ruin the experience.
Plus, I have a good working relationship with my abortion doctor.
He’s warning me I should use protection and avoid more abortions, but I think it’s a moral thing on his end (funny because if I actually did that he’d lose business).
How long should I wait in between abortions if I want to maintain a healthy reproductive system?
Usually before I sleep with a guy I ask him if he has any STD’s and I try to make sure he has a lower sperm count.
I also ask him to not tell me his name if you know what I mean!
But I seem to still get pregnant super easy.
It’s like a battle I may never win!
Please offer advise!
Medical answer:
You should wait at least 4 weeks after having an abortion. You need to let your body heal.
Prolactin Blood Test Explained
Real Abortion Experiences from Medical Point of Views

Hi, I don’t want to offend or upset anyone but I would like to ask for your help. I am a student nurse doing an essay on women experiences of pregnancy termination.
If anyone would like to leave a comment on it I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to evaluate peoples thoughts on abortion, but I am very interested in others peoples experiences of having a termination.
If anyone has any experiences they would wish to share please email me. I promise anything you mention both pro or anti abortion will be treated confidentially.
An experience:
5 days ago I was forced into having an abortion.
I wanted to keep the baby but my family and my partner didn’t think it was the right time.
I wanted to go home the moment we arrived at the clinic but my partner wouldn’t budge instead took an angry tone with me.
I went through with the procedure and have endured nothing but bad pain since.
My boobs are now leaking stuff out of them as if i was still pregnant and i can’t go to the toilet properly with out pain – no its no infection.
I am on strong pain killers and even they aren’t doing anything as it happen tomorrow I am off to the doctor as i know something is wrong.
I am an emotional wreck and i hate people for making me go in and have it done and i feel so guilty.
I don’t recommend abortion nor am i proud i had one if i had my way i would have gone home.

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