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Q: My ESR test was 100, Can you tell me what that mean?

Question: My ESR test was 100. Can you tell me what that means, Said it should not be more than 20

Answer: ESR is the abbreviation for ” erythrocyte sedimentation rate”, a lab test used for knowing if the inflammation exist or not, and if already exist the ESR results tell us how much is the inflammation and if the treatment plan is working or not?

The normal level of ESR test is 0 to 20 after an hour, and normal ESR means no inflammation inside body or the inflammation isn’t cause any effect on the Erythrocytes sedimentation.

If the ESR is greater than 100, it is a very high ESR level and indicates chronic or prolonged inflammation episode.

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meaning of cmp 8ac 6ac 5ac 2 ac 3ac

Q: What Does it mean by “cmp12+8ac”?

Question: After visiting my doctor last Monday, he told me nothing to worry about, while he prescribed lab tests. I found many symbols in the doctors request, what is a 6ac blood test and what is meant by 5ac blood test at labcorp, also there’re other signs which I can’t understand cbc/d/plt+rpr+rh+abo+rub ab, please explain?

Answer: laboratories uses such abbreviations to write down the names of lab tests, this way the lab test names will be easier and practical, however they look like horrible codes for ordinary people, but don’t be panic, I will simplify.

meaning of cmp 8ac 6ac 5ac 2 ac 3ac

CMP Blood Test is a short code for (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel), also may be written “chem 14” which is a list consists of:

Understand the difference between CMP and BMP

CBC is a short form for “Complete Blood Count” which consists of white blood cells count, platelets, red blood cells and hemoglobin”, a test used to monitor blood cells count and investigation of anemia and blood cancers.
Thus, the “d’ in “cbc/d/plt” refers to “differential count”, in other words it’s the count of each type of white blood cells, this differential count of WBC useful to know which type of them are abnormal, for example neutrophils WBC are those fighting bacteria, and lymphocytes are those white blood cells that fighting viruses.
Also, “plt” is a short form for “platelets” a type of blood component that specializes in sealing wounds.

“8AC” stands for “8 additional chemistries”, their names depend on the clients agreement with the reference lab, and the same the letters “6AC” is for 6 additional chemistries, and of course “2AC” stands for 2 additional chemistries, “chemistries” are the collective name for lab tests used for measuring blood chemicals such as phosphorus, Sodium, calcium, etc. Understand lab codes lists, Lab signs and flags

“ABO” stands for the blood typing system that consists of “A”, “B”, “O”

Rh” stands for “Rhesus factor”, an antigen on the surface of red blood cells and used with the ABO system to express if the blood of an individual is “positive” or “negative”. For example (O+) and (AB-)