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Q: What Does PSA 0.6 Mean?

I have a PSA count of 0.6 , I am a man 73 years old, but only dribble when urinating. A: A man of age over 40 should be checked every year to ensure there is problem, However, PSA of 0.6 has a very low risk of prostate cancer (about 10%). In the other hand, Post Micturition Dribble (PMD) can be caused by a weakness of the muscles (surround the urethra) of the pelvic floor.

Q: Elevated PSA from 4 to 9 After Antibiotics, what does this mean?

Age 60+ PSA at 4 and now at 9 after short course of antibiotic for UTI. No urinary symptoms. Is this unusual?

A: Doctors usually treat the elevated PSA level with antibiotics, they say it’s prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), thus you can avoid biopsy, but if PSA levels still going up, it’s the time to re-diagnose and define the reasons.

Q: Can Running and Bike Riding Elevate PSA Levels?

I’m 71 years old. A very active 71. I’m in training for a 10 mile race in May. Recently I had a bunch of blood test done. The day of the tests I ran the 3.5 miles to the local Quest Labs. The PSA came back as a 7.0. Could this have been caused by my running. My typical training week at this point is running about 10 miles a week. Two days of strength training and one day of bike riding for about 10 miles. Can all of this effect the PSA test.


According to many scientific studies, any Vigorous exercise can falsely raise PSA reading, please read carefully the precautions pretesting the PSA blood test.

Q: 73 Years My PSA Count of 0.1 with Dribbling After Urination?


Dribbling after urination is not the only reason for prostate enlargement and abnormal PSA, sometimes your dribbling because the bladder doesn’t empty completely while you urinate, however, an increased risk for prostate cancer can be found when PSA is equal or less than 2.5 ng/mL. The test PSA free is much recommended to know.

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