How much would it cost, on average, to have a blood test without insurance?

Simple blood tests are not simple.
It would be helpful to know what you would like to be tested for.

HIV and other STD tests are often free at a clinic.

With the ACA (Affordable Care Act) an annual checkup can include basic blood work and if insured there is little or no charge.

Lacking insurance a Complete Blood Count(CBC) routine lab test that can help gauge your general health and diagnose a variety of different health conditions can cost under $50. However…

Blood work generally requires a doctors order. The exception is STD tests.
Understanding blood test results can be complicated.. Nurses and doctors are trained to understand the results so the doctors order makes sense.

This class of basic health care is often available at clinics like Planned Parenthood.
Call your local clinic, yes: “Men can come to Planned Parenthood for reproductive services, sexual health services, cancer screenings, and general health care.” If you have never had a screening for STD and AIDS it is near painless and worth doing. It does not mater if you are sexually active. Contact your local health department and discover what services they have for free or at discounted rates.

This year there are a lot of options. Next year who knows what political changes we will see. Be well…


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