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Q: Is 35.2 (nmol/L) of Progesterone Normal or is it on the Low Side?

My 7DPO (which was done on CD 25 since I ovulated on CD 18) was 35.2 (nmol/L). Is this level of progesterone normal or is it on the low side? Thanks Answer: Expected 7 DPO progesterone level is from 8 -10 ng/ml or 25.44 – 31.8 nmol/l

Q: Can I Know My Results for these Ovarian Tests Please?

Thyroid tests and LH FSH FT4 B12 PRL TSR3UL

A: All test results are lying within normal limits for your age and sex, nothing to worry about these blood test results, just follow-up with your doctor to know what’s the possible reasons for what you’re complain.

Q: Does blood extraction determine that you are pregnant?

A: Yes, definitely the “hCG blood test” can determine if you are pregnant or not

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